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no damage decor

These are things you can add to your home without a permanent installation. Can’t paint your apartment walls? No prob. Can’t even put tacks in the wall? We’ve got you — in this category.

23 fun & useful dorm decor items to max out your space

If you’re starting to think about heading back to college in a month or so, you might be researching how to maximize the teeny tiny space that is your (likely shared) dorm room. I found some super kicky and useful dorm decor to get your brainstorming into high gear, including a few more fun items.

Secretly decorate your rental with temporary chalk art

Love to decorate your walls but your landlord won’t allow you to paint them? I found that artist’s chalks work great for temporary chalk art! I accented an arched kitchen doorway with a chalk vine.

8 surprising ways renters have the better end of the design deal

If I had EVER spent $2700 on any apartment I lived in, it would have been a “look at my design flair” orgasm. With ownership, all that “make things pretty” money gets sucked into the “make things functional in the long term” hole. So without further ado, I would like to let all those frustrated renters out there know the eight ways how you might have the better end of the design deal…

Use removable wallpaper on your kitchen breakfast bar

f you have one of these pony walls/breakfast bars in your kitchen, think about using reams of temporary wallpaper on the side that faces out to your living space.

Make a last-minute Christmas tree with string lights

Need a little last-minute Christmas cheer? Take some inspiration from Homie Tiffany Steinke, who uploaded her “impromptu Christmas tree” to our Flickr pool, make a tree out of a string of lights!

Make a custom wreath out of holiday bows from gifts past

Thanks to Offbeat Homie Tiffany for uploading this to our Flickr pool, and giving us all an awesome holiday decor idea. If you happen to keep and collect awesome holiday bows, round ’em up and make an custom wreath!

Easiest home upgrade ever: fancy floor vent covers

If you have central heat and air conditioning, especially if you have registers on the floor, it is DEAD SIMPLE to replace the floor vent covers with something that has more personality. As in, no tools required for floor vents.

How do we upgrade a completely blank-slate rental kitchen?

When they say “unfurnished” rental in Indonesia, they really mean UNfurnished. The kitchen is nothing more than two (ugly) counters and a sink. We have the appliances covered, but for cabinetry/shelving, I’m at a loss.