An English cottage dream house, camping on the rocks, and a chinchilla spa in this week's reader photos

February 13 2012 |

Happy Monday, Homies! Good to see you back. In this week's photos we have a lot of fantasy, and in this week's Clicky Links there's a lot of helpful hints.

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Wall Flowers
Tute Sweet keeps summer all year round by hanging pressed flowers on a spider web she fashioned.

The beautiful door handle of Ribe Cathedral, built in 1904. Source: via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Dream Yard
Kate the Jet shared her dream home -- it backs up to her father's property in England and it is luvvvvvvvly.

Oh, Gothic Charm School. I find myself pinning almost everything you post. Source: via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Our cozy campsite
Jeanne went camping and now I'm jealous!
This is Joker Venom's itty bitty widdle chinchilla enjoying a teeny weeny spa.
"Death By Chocolate" Twinkies
Jeamac made Death by Chocolate Twinkies and you can, too.

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  1. Welp, that's now my dreamhouse too.

    And that little guy looks so friggin' CONTENT! And adorable!

    And now I am going to forward the twinkies recipe to my father-in-law, who has been de-stocking all local supermarkets of Twinkies ever since he heard the news about Hostess.

  2. Kate the Jet's dream home definitely has my dream garden! It practically begs you to bring a book and come lie in the shadow and just be at peace.

    And now I totally want to go camping! Only it will have to be in minus 10 degrees Celsius and snow. Ah, lovely!

  3. My dream house photo made it on my favorite blog and everyone loves it! My week is made. My husband and I are bird-watchers, so I dream of sitting in that gorgeous garden and seeing what flies by. Oh, and having tea and crumpets, too. And a scone.

  4. How funny… My sister painted a reproduction of Mark Twain's letterbwhen my partner and I moved into our apartment. We hung it on outlr door until management noticed and made us take it down.

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