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no damage decor

These are things you can add to your home without a permanent installation. Can’t paint your apartment walls? No prob. Can’t even put tacks in the wall? We’ve got you — in this category.

Battle of the blands: making the most of boring spaces

There are elaborate romanticized dreams about how young and creative people live — but very few of us are in gorgeous abandoned industrial spaces. We can’t all afford the luxuries of gentrified quirky spaces, and most of us have to make the most of what we’ve got.

Your wall of glass blocks is screaming to become a Tetris homage

A glass black partial wall becomes a eight foot tall video game art piece.

Shelving your books by color: awesome-sauce or recipe for organizational catastrophe?

Arranging shelves based on the color of book covers: mean trick on the colorblind or brilliant decorating concept?

Hanging art without a frame (but staying away from thumb tacks and scotch tape)

Frames are all well and good, but aren’t always an option. Sometimes it’s because of an oddly-sized print, sometimes frames just cost too damn much. How do you hang a print when you can’t find a suitable frame?

10 ways to dress up your walls without paint

Even when you have the ability to paint, you might not always have the energy OR the budget. There are a few surprises in this list of ten ways to work with a wall sans-paint.

How to craft pinwheel flowers that make your walls pop

Craft your own handmade paper flowers with Sandy’s illustrative step-by-step photographs and simple instructions. These flowers are large, colorful, and add a bright highlight to walls that’s easy to change up.

How to go goth without painting your walls black

Lady of the Manners is going to let you in on a little secret: every Goth goes through a stage where we think that painting a room black is a great idea. In truth, it isn’t.