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no damage decor

These are things you can add to your home without a permanent installation. Can’t paint your apartment walls? No prob. Can’t even put tacks in the wall? We’ve got you — in this category.

I installed a fireplace in my apartment

Want a fireplace to bring the warmth, on a budget, in your apartment? It’s totally possible, I promise! See how I installed a fireplace in my apartment for less than $200.

No damage moose antler decor, a rainbow of handmade owls, and a bevvy of LEGO-related Clicky Links

Start your week with our collection of interesting articles on the web and photos from our readers. In these Clicky Links you’ll find lots of sites to waste a little time on — ALL ABOUT LEGO.

Click through, too, to find our links on submitting YOUR stuff to Offbeat Home!

Hack Halloween: Add dread to a space with gauzy cheesecloth shapes

Do you need a convincingly decrepit room on a budget? Do you want to pull off a haunting Halloween look on the cheap and easy? You’ll love today’s halloween hack: cheesecloth.

Enjoy the change of seasons with pretty ideas for simple fall decor

Do you do anything differently at home in the fall? Are you all about collecting pretty leaves, or do you have a set of be-glittered, fantastical leaf-themed decor that comes out of storage? What’s your home look like this season?

Change the color of your cabinets without pissing off your landlord

I kind of hate wood. I’m one of those terrible, sinful people that will paint old wood furniture aqua, yellow, or antique white rather than treat it properly. I don’t whisper sweet nothings to my wood furniture and seductively offer to apply another coat of stain to it. I mostly just paint it and eventually forget that it ever had a lovely cherry finish.

This led to a small problem in my apartment. No matter what I tried… I HATED those damn cabinets. Until I found this solution.

My partner wants a bland palette in our new home. What can I do to keep color alive?

If my current house was an analogy of a clown puking all over everything — which is a description I’ve heard — the new house would make that same clown drop dead from sadness. What can I do?!

Displaying postcards and other paper ephemerata without any sticky stuff

I have a lot of postcards that I want to use to decorate my new apartment, but I can’t quite figure out how. How can I incorporate these postcards in my decor in an aesthetically-pleasing and durable way?

You already have a green thumb, or: how to grow houseplants

When people come over to the house, they usually compliment me on my green thumb, but here’s the secret: There is no such thing as a green thumb. Or, if there is, you already have one.