Naked scientists and ways the world might end: 5 calendars for 2012

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Now it is the best time of the year: the END of the year. It’s fascinating that we as a people periodically say “this period of time is over. BEGIN NEW PERIOD!” Isn’t it? As December 31st ends, we mentally partition off the year, old habits, and new goals. January 1st isn’t a different day than December 31 in any way, but if FEELS new.


$23?! This 2012 linen calendar is a STEAL. Avril Loreti made a 2011 version I loved, and I cheered when I found this one. 16×22 and available on Etsy.

Dan Usiskin’s Dot to Date calendar was so popular this month he sold out of his own copies, but it’s still available online and in some stores in the UK for around £15.

I like the slow zen of doing a connect the dots puzzle soooo slowwwly to observe the passing of days.

Okay. I love this one:

The Naked Archaeologists Calendar for 2012. £8.00, available now on eBay, brought to you by “RUINED” (Reading University Archaeology Society), and benefiting the Silchester excavation project.

Before this next calendar, I have a confession. I have hidden purchases from my husband. They have all been art; I’ve been surreptitiously buying prints here and there when we can spare the change. Nothing extravagant, a few $30-60 prints, that’s it. I don’t know WHY! They just feel so SPENDY!

If this were a time for me to be spending money on art, I would be buying this: 2012 Calendar of the Impending Apocalypse by Cloudy Collection.

These are high-quality, loose-leaf art prints, suitable for framing, which also happen to have the months of the year represented.

The 2012 Calendar of the Impending Apocalypse, $50 shipped in the US. Each print is 6″x6″, and they are RAD. This is a solid group of small prints by very talented artists.


The Bubble Wrap Calendar. I have heard they are very satisfying. $20.12? $20.12.

Picked out your own calendar for the New Year? Show it in the comments!

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