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Dress your house in the spirit of the Death Star

By on May 13th

We've all seen — and some of you own — immense collections of licensed Star Wars gear. Pristine lighted shelves full of hard-to-find action figures, full size replicas of stormtroopers, a model of the Millennium Falcon mounted on the wall.

But what about a softer approach? Let's look at what it takes to subtly make your pad geek-friendly.

Blogger Cho Woong maintains a pretty pristine ode to Star Wars, including what seems to be a collection encompassing just about every collectible possible. It's all amazing, but what he does REALLY well is his entertainment room:

By sticking to blacks, whites, and silvers, recessed lighting, and minimal accessories, a contemporary living room looks like it came out of a space station from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

If you want to summon the spirit of the Death Star (may she rest in peace) in your house, I picked out some goods to get you started.

The Urban Leather Convertible Sleeper Sofa has a nice combination of straight lines and rounded pads — qualities that work really well with the aesthetic. Death Star chic isn't just sparse, futuristic, and angular — it's got curves, too. They're just used sparingly. Buying a stick-straight leather couch in this room would be a miss.

Let's look at lighting!

I'm not sure at all what this Hologram Maker is supposed to do, but it LOOKS awesome. It is dead-on Death Star.

The iBar Mini LED Lamp is sleek, black, and keeps its bulbs hidden. Stow the cord discretely and this is right up Vader's aesthetic alley.


There's something about combining and streamlining functions that screams Star Wars futurism. Even though the Rebel fighter ships were clunky and old-school, the new-fangled Empire interiors looked like they were designed by Apple's user experience gurus. The Space Saver Two Shelf Floor Lamp smoothly combines a tall lamp and storage.

Need discrete extra light? Tack a few LED Thin Strip under cabinet lights up and get a diffuse, spacey glow.

Get your groove on with a sleek bar speaker system that attaches to the wall, similar to the ones behind Woong's couch. This one even has a docking port for iPhones/iPods.

Need an ottoman? This Slick Cube Occasional Table is HOT. HOOOOTTTT.

The 3-shelf TRIA system floats your electronics and hides the cables.

And that's a really good start. To complete the room, we've got the Steel Gray Aries shag rug, the mod arch floor lamp, and display cabinets. If you need art, check out these Star Wars propaganda posters. Got a guest bathroom that goes with your entertainment space? Scope this vanity and mirror set.

And as always, if you make yourself an Empire-inspired room, we want to see your photos in the Offbeat Home Flickr group!

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