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Rad AF shelves & decor to elevate your #shelfie game

Elevate your #shelfie game with these rad shelves & shelf decor

I love perusing the #shelfie tag on Instagram. It’s always full of color-coordinated books and interesting trinkets and lighting. So if you’re like me and want to up your #shelfie game, these shelves and the decor to go with them are for you. From weird and wild vases to rockin’ candles to nerdy bookends, let’s go shopping for some new decor to store all your stuff…

Glowy shelves from an alien tree

Your cyberpunk-meets-rustic dreams are about to come true: World of Technology took some pieces of chestnut with cracks and knotholes and made them look other-worldly with some glow-y resin.

Shoe organization to avoid the mountain of shoes by your front door

What systems do you have for storing shoes by the entrance to your home? All of those cute little 12 x 12inch cubby systems or baskets in a drawers don’t work because I can fit one (if that!) of my husband’s shoes per basket. And boots don’t fit in those cubbies, either. How do you avoid the mountain of shoes by the door?

How I turned a mannequin into a curiosity shelf

This bronze dude was donated to me years ago by friends opening a retail store, who found a dozen or so vintage mannequins in the attic space. But after a few moves, he wasn’t as handsome as he used to be, but I was reluctant to toss him. In a last ditch effort to revive him for one more life, I decided to cut off his imperfections and make him into a shelf.

Create a rustic shelf on the cheap and easy

A little while ago I introduced you to some awesome rustic-style shelving units. One smarty-pants Offbeat Homie Meg mentioned that she turned a shower caddy into the much cheaper version of ModCloth’s vintage-inspired shelf. Here’s how…

Let’s talk about these cool rustic shelving units!

Check out this rustic-chic, antique-inspired shelf. In fact, check out ALL of these awesome vintage-inspired shelving units…

Monday Moment: An ever-changing artistic display (with sexy imagary bonus)

Longtime Homie Vacantmuse sent her artsy shelf moment our way. I love her idea of making space for an ever-changing art display. Could this be the first Monday Moment “great idea of the day” combo!? I think so.

Reuse wine crates as shelving

If you have access to wine crates (you just might if you’re planning a large party, work for a restaurant, or enjoy buying wine in bulk) you have access to awesome modular shelving units that work wonders in a few key spaces.