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Host a “create your own zombie” party with this kit

Fuck carving pumpkins, this year it’s all about making your own zombies for Halloween! Ooh, or maybe you could host a “make your own zombie” party a la the make your own moster party? Either way this just seems all kinds of undead…

Make your own action figure terrarium

I love my action figures but I often wish I had a better way to display them rather then gathering dust on a dark shelf. So, when I saw a terrarium a few weeks ago, it hit me: Mini terrariums personalized for each figure would be a perfect and stylish way to show ’em off. Intrigued? Here’s how you make an action figure terrarium…

First aid for broken vinyl toys

Finn got a little adventurous in my studio the other day — one minute he stood proudly on the supply rack, and then he woke up on the carpet, kitty standing over him, his leg snapped. So now I need to fix him. Here’s the non-collector method of fixing broken vinyl toys.

Dress your house in the spirit of the Death Star

This isn’t just about lining a rad collection of figures up on the wall — this is about having a house that oozes Star Wars with every fiber. As if somehow you managed to get a set dresser from the original Star Wars flicks to do up your place.

See a tease from a colorgasmic home tour and live vicariously in a Mediterranean country

In addition to the colorgasmic tease, this montage has a painting-perfect work desk and an adventurer’s mantle.

The best ways to display your action figure collection

Collections: awesome to cultivate — hell to decorate. But, you guys have worked your ass off to collect these things, you should totally work ’em into your decor and show ’em off! Here are some (hopefully) inspirational options…