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Adventures in couchless living

I was sitting at work today thinking about how I need to get rid of my not-so-old and very busted futon because it’s so damn uncomfortable, but also knowing this wasn’t gonna happen anytime soon because we don’t the have money to buy a replacement sofa. And then a “crazy” idea occurred to me. Why do we need a couch at all?

Why sectionals are great for polyamorous relationships

Nothing reveals the shortcomings of nuclear family home furnishings quite like polyamorous relationships. In order to maintain sustainable relationships, polyamorous or not, partners must feel that they are receiving enough attention. Everyone’s needs are different, but for snuggly folks like my partners, our living room set-up was really holding us back. Until we bought our sectional.

The Dog House Sofa: helping you share your couch with your furry friends without actually having to

I can’t decide if this Dog House Sofa from Korean designer Seungji Mun is the greatest idea ever for pet owners who don’t want to deal with pet dander all over the couch, or cruel and unusual punishment for pets who love to cuddle.

How to take your living room from “man cave” to “girly”

The apartment I’d like to have is the following: girly and pretty with soft colours — what a dream. Unfortunately, my apartment looks closer to a man cave than Jenni’s pretty apartment. How do I work around these comfy, yet quite masculine, black leather couches to create something girly?

Monday Moment: 1 weird couch, 1 bright wall, and 11 pillows

Moments can be awesome, even if they’re casually arranged! This one from frequent Home Flickr Pool contributor, Mareike Scharmer looks scattered, but it sure as hell looks awesome. One chair + 11 pillows + a crazy-ass accent wall = I LOVE THIS SHIT!

How to make a large L-shaped couch take up less space in a room

My cousins recently moved from California to Texas. They say “everything’s bigger in Texas” but that wasn’t true for their living room. The large L-shaped sofa that fit perfectly in their last living room was taking up the ENTIRE living space. Luckily for them my interior decorator mother lives near by, and she came over to see what could be done about the situation, without having to buy a new couch.

The secrets to cleaning a microfiber couch

My couch was already 10 years old when I bought it, but it looks DAMN good, thanks to the secret method I’ve figured out for keeping it shiny and soft. Even in a house of four kids.

Building a sofa: pros, cons, vague instructions, and valuable lessons

We needed a new couch. Wanting to build my own, I found this how-to instructional scanned from a vintage home maintenance encyclopedia. It took (a lot of) time, but the results are good! The thing looks nice, is child-jumping safe (so far) and saved us a chunk of change. Come see what I made!