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Weird and funny doormats as cool as the rest of your home

By on Apr 29th

Dorms, apartments, houses — I've seen doormats at them all. They greet our friends, catch our stuff, and clean our shoes — but it's damn hard to find a good one. I've collected this lot of sarcastic, handmade, and just plain weird doormats to fill the needs of Offbeat Homies.

Have to kick off the list with my own doormat!

Kikkerland's jolly roger doormat has graced our stoop since we received it as a wedding gift, and everyone says it's how they know they have the right house.

Etsy seller damngooddoormats has quite the collection of hand-stenciled porch art, like this Pong mat for retro gamers.

Or a bossy Boston Terrier.

And a super-handy reminder mat, though I'd definitely flip it 'round to face me on the way out.

The swanky nautical doormat (and matching ropework doorstop!)

My in-laws have the ever-popular GO AWAY doormat, which frightened my mother.

If I only remember one thing I learned today, let it be that The Onion makes doormats.

Geek lives here

And remember: there's no place like home. (Available from ThinkGeek.)

Got any doormats on your wishlist? Share those links!

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