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funny welcome doormats

Give your package delivery guy a giggle with these funny welcome mats

Whether you want to entertain your friends or (like me) only get visits by Amazon and solicitors, you’ll be setting the right tone with one of these funny welcome mats. I don’t even know which one I’d pick: I have cats, my home is barely okay, I love Joanna Gaines, and a good pun never goes astray. Help me decide by chiming in with your fave.

14 uncommon doormats to welcome folks to your offbeat home

Dog lovers? Sports fanatics? Home recording studios? Eco warriors? Just like llamas? I stumbled upon a treasure trove of doormats for you at Uncommon Goods. Check out these amazing doormat designs, and get ready to smile every time you come to home to one of them…

The stop-you-in-your-tracks, awesome doors and windows in Morocco

Remember when Ariel freaked out about the bathtubs in Puerto Rico? Well, I’m doing something similar with the doors of Morocco! I have not been able to take one walk through the streets of Morocco without stopping to take a photo of a door or a window…

Match your front door to your eclectically coral home decor

This beach house for sale in Laguna Beach has a coral-colored lesson for all of us… How lovely does it look when you match the color of your front door to the color scheme of your living room?

The awesomeness of bringing screen doors indoors

After asking “gah, why can’t there be something like a screen door, but for the inside?” there was a “baskets!” moment of realization: there’s no big reason that screen doors wouldn’t work. In fact, they’re practically the perfect solution, with a few small considerations.

We live in the future! Awesome door locks for your sci fi, Steampunk, or techie home

The technology on this door look works like those push-to-start car ignitions, where all you need to do is have your keys with the special key fob, or your smartphone on your persons and BOOM! Doors start opening, cars start starting, the world is your fucking techie oyster. If you’re thinking of making your home smarter — starting from the outside in — check out the rest of these futuristic, sci-fi-inspired, and even Steampunk-y door locks…

Turn socks into snakes to keep the cold out

You’ve got those fuzzy socks that don’t fit quite right, an old pillow and some popcorn kernels. You’ve also got a bit of a draft escaping at your doorway. What would MacGyver do? Whip up a door snake!

Skull door knobs: creepy or the best thing ever?

I am floored and excited to share with you these amazing skull door knobs. I can’t tell if I would LOVE to encounter these in a home, or if it would freak my shit out to have these guys sneak up on me. The coolest part about them: they contain an extra little surprise when you touch ’em.