An earthy homebirth captured in photos

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Remember Jess and Sam’s bohemian tie-dye baby shower from a few weeks ago? Today you’re graced with the birth story that followed soon thereafter.

ALL photos by Tirzah Photography.

I love it: primping for birth day.

Time to get your trippy birthin’ tunes on.

I tried reading the magnets surrounding the ultrasound photos from left to right to see if they were also sweet, but I like going around each photo better.

You know how we have the THIS! button in comments? I want to THIS! this photo. There’s nothing as great as a solid support team.

Forest is born! I love the expression of disbelief-meets-joy-meets-totally-overwhelmed-and-in-love.


FYI: if you want to get REALLY into it, the photographer, Tizrah Photography, split the story into two blog posts: part one & part two.

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    • I just have to add, after actually going to the blog and reading through the whole thing, I was moved to tears. And that doesn’t happen often for me.

      THIS is what I would want my own birth experience to be like, if I were in that situation. At home, surrounded by the grandparents & aunts and uncles, with all of that accompanying peace & love penetrating the air & every photograph taken.

  1. Oh man, how wonderful! I am pregnant with my second and kind of fearing childbirth again. It was fine – long – and medicated (which I wanted) but at the end I had my lovely son. Anyway, after reading this post, I am so excited to give birth again. Hell, it makes me wish for a home birth. Somewhat.
    Thank you for posting that and congrats to the new family!

  2. I love all of the support the Mama gets through the hugs! Reminds me of how hard I held on to the hands of my support team. Hugs seem so much better!!!

  3. Oh Lordie. Absolutely moved me to tears. I read the whole birth story and those pictures are just stunning. But the video of new dad singing to baby and mom? That was just precious. I felt blessed to be able to glance into the experience of new parenthood in such a way. I so long for a birth like this some day…

  4. Beautiful! The just born photos always make me tear up. I totally intended to wear mascara but by the time I got out of bed the contractions (back labor) were too much to do anything but focus on relaxing.

  5. I’ve been following Jess’s blog for a while now, they really are the most beautiful little family and her birth story is incredible, it shows that a woman is designed to birth and the body can do amazing things (i just hope my own birth is a little quicker!)

  6. Wow… what an incredible photo documentary of the birthing experience in the support group and serenity light. Congrats to the happy family! I feel so calmed with these images. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I always thought homebirth was a powerful experience. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to have it photographed. Such an amazing memory

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