Weird and funny doormats as cool as the rest of your home

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Dorms, apartments, houses — I’ve seen doormats at them all. They greet our friends, catch our stuff, and clean our shoes — but it’s damn hard to find a good one. I’ve collected this lot of sarcastic, handmade, and just plain weird doormats to fill the needs of Offbeat Homies.

Have to kick off the list with my own doormat!

Or a bossy Boston Terrier.
The swanky nautical doormat (and matching ropework doorstop!)
My in-laws have the ever-popular GO AWAY doormat, which frightened my mother.
If I only remember one thing I learned today, let it be that The Onion makes doormats.
A nerd mat!
Geek lives here

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Comments on Weird and funny doormats as cool as the rest of your home

  1. I have the “There’s No Place Like Home” one from ThinkGeek. It definitely invites comments from people who visit. Most people have no idea what it is even when I explain it.

  2. we’ve got one that says ‘not you again’
    gets a laugh from everyone that comes over, we found it in a hipster-ish florist (in Western Australia..where I live 🙂

  3. My partner wants a mat that says “Don’t blink.” in red letters, he also wants these on our towels. I blame it on SCP : Containment Breach.

  4. Yay DamnGoodDoormats, from Baltimore! My job is on their UPS route so some afternoons I get to see a stack of doormats heading to their new homes. We have the “No admittance except on party business” at our house.

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