Make waffle shots this weekend. WAFFLE SHOTS.

May 18 2012 |

OH MAH GERD. These waffle-themed shots (OJ, lemon juice, maple syrup, gelatin and vodka) by Jelly Shot Test Kitchen are AMAZEBALLS. I want to become gently inebriated from these so bad.

Bonus points for Jelly Shot Test Kitchen's brilliant use of ice cream sandwich pans to create soft and jiggly waffles.

Laughing Squid

  1. I'm flipping out! I thought Jell-o shots in fruit rinds was the world's best idea, but this is amazing! I'm thinking maple syrup flavored vodka would kick it up even mooooore. Hiya, new brunch accompaniment!

  2. Is it a long weekend in the States too? It is in Canada! I can totally see this being a great treat for the adults for any BBQ parties!

  3. Ooh man this looks like a pinterest #bakingfail just waiting to happen! Would live to see some pics of ppl's attempts lol

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