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Everything you need on an alternative bar cart for swanky soirees

Everything you need on an alternative bar cart for all your swanky soirees

“Do you guys have any interesting ideas for setting up a mini bar in my new place? I’ve always wanted a grown-up bar cart for guests and impromptu gatherings and such. My new place doesn’t have a lot of space and I want something a little off the beaten path. Re-purposing weird furniture or shelves, building something from scratch, crazy cart makeovers, — got any brilliance for me?”

Let’s see what bar cart inspiration is out there and what basics you’ll need to get started on your own…

Skillet Irish soda bread recipe as seen on @offbeathome #stpatricksday #sodabread

Kiss me, I’m eating St. Paddy’s Day grub (Guinness included!)

Don your green and grab your glass because everyone’s favorite day to fake being Irish is almost heeeeeere. We’ve got some St. Paddy’s Day recipes to satisfy your carb tooth, your sweet tooth, your booze tooth, and even your hangover tooth. Let’s talk soda bread, Guinness sauce, and a healthy day-after treat to soothe your sore head from all that green beer.

Oscar party food ideas from @offbeathome #oscars #party

Oscar party food ideas for your awards show parties (or just your next Netflix binge)

This coming Sunday is the king of movie awards shows, The Oscars. Will you be watching or has the string of wonky host gigs done you in? (Don’t worry, Chris Rock’s opening monologue isn’t likely to be boring, at least!) Either way, we’ve got a few festive Oscar party food ideas to pepper your party table.

How to make a kick-ass (and baby proofed) DIY bar from an old media cabinet

Our kitchen has limited storage, so we knew that we needed an alternate solution to use to store our extensive liquor and glassware collections. And so the repurposed media cabinet to bar was born. Here’s an outline of our process…

The Stumptown Fizz: The perfect cocktail to celebrate the flavors of spring

As Portland melts into early summer, we’ve been looking for any excuse to celebrate the flavors of spring. The drink is fun to make, and substitutions are easy — if you can’t get Oregon-made spirits, check out your local distilleries and use some of their products instead!

Juice hooch! How to turn juice into a yummy cooler on the cheap

Normally hooch production requires sterilization, air locks, and large vats of fermenting liquids. Depending on what you want to make, it also involves a small chemistry set of sulfite, ph testing strips, a hydrometer, and more. Juice hooch is perfect for the newbie, because it only requires a bottle of juice, a balloon, and a packet of yeast.

Let’s talk about “poptails” and popsicle FAILS

I had no idea that “poptails” were a thing until I read “Because Cocktails in a Cup Are So Last Year: Poptails Are the Next Big Thing.” Yeah, they’re basically frozen cocktails. So I decided to try to make my own…

Keeping it classy with a wine jelly recipe from 1896

This may sound extravagant, but this wine jelly recipe published in 1896 was originally intended for those with very little appetite or who had difficulty keeping more substantial foods down. Wine jelly is tasty on top of toast, biscuits, roast beef, turkey, spooned from shot glasses, squeezed from paper cups, and licked from spoons. It’s not overly sweet, and it keeps in the fridge for months. It’s simple to make, but will take some planning…