Transform your staircase with vinyl tape

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Photos courtesy of Jim Lambie

So yeah: this looks like an insanely awesome paint job or some sort of custom acrylic installation, but these boldly colorful striped steps are actually just covered in vinyl tape by Scottish Artist Jim Lambie. Seriously. AMAZING. I’m not sure how well these steps would hold up to regular use but I’m always stoked when I see bold-but-temporary design options.

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  1. I bet you could make it more permanent by putting a clearcoat of something over the top of it as a protectant. Something in the polyurethane bent (I’m not handy so I don’t know what other things are out there). Something along those lines that’s more eco friendly obviously but you get the idea.

  2. Yay! I’m loving this! And I’m coming up with so many ideas for use of my giant basket full of unused vinyl tape. I’m a hoop maker and I used to use a lot of vinyl tape, but don’t really at all anymore, so I’ve got a lot of leftovers.

    fyi I use this website for tape. It’s reasonably priced and you can get just about anything you could possibly imagine

  3. This looks amazing, but… as someone who has slipped down the stairs, I assume that it may be slippery. Maybe not the best idea for us clumsy folk.

    • Yes, I am definitely curious about this. I would love something fairly temporary like this… but probably not permanent. And we have lovely wood stairs…

  4. The mere thought of trying to lay all that straight has my eyes crossing.

    I am in awe of anyone who can do this without going completely and utterly insane.

  5. a comment cannot express how much i love this, it’s absolutely fantastic and kudos to whoever sat there and made it all straight! this wouldn’t be a job to have a few drinks with! hahahaha 😀

  6. In grade school I had an insanely awesome teacher who let us cover our desks in this stuff. I’m sure he went through his years budget just keeping us in tape. It is very slippery…unless you live in a non sock household I personally wouldn’t consider it very safe for practical use. I also wouldn’t use it on anything but crappy builder grade stairs. With the pressure of stepping on it all the time, I think it would adhere it quite well to the stair surface over time and therefore make it quite difficult to get off without taking off any stain, paint etc that might be under it. I would do this in a heart beat for my basement stairs but ny husband is very much a sock person and I think he would surely kill himself!

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