Our gender neutral monster-themed baby shower

Guest post by Ashley Pedersen

My husband and I knew that a traditional baby shower wouldn’t be for us, and we were thrilled when my mother-in-law offered to throw us a shower and asked what theme and colors we wanted. From home-made plush favors and invitations to cakes baked in jars we knew we were going to have the perfect monster mash bash to celebrate our own little monster!






Comments on Our gender neutral monster-themed baby shower

  1. I LOVE THIS! Our nursery theme is going to be monsters! I especially love the homemade plush monsters – I am definitely making some of those into a mobile for the crib 😀

  2. Cookies and milk for you for actually having dudes at your shower!!

    Why is it that so many men refuse to go to showers? I threw a shower and just assumed the blokes would be there to join in & keep the BBQ going.
    The father-to-be actually said “Why would I wanna be there? Uh, I’ll go and have a beer with *my boyfriend’s name here* instead, thanks. I don’t really wanna hang around for all that stuff”

    We were both a bit like WTF.

    • I’ve successfully baked many-a cake in a jar (that sealed and shipped somewhere!) using the tutorial here: http://angrychicken.typepad.com/angry_chicken/2007/12/cake-in-a-jar-s.html

      If you aren’t sealing them and will simply be using jars as fun single-serving receptacles, it’s super easy: take clean, dry jars (of glass quality you can put in the oven, that’s important!,) grease them well and add your cake batter. (A cookie sheet with a silpat mat helps keep things easily moved from counter to oven and back.) If you’re trying to seal them or have the frosting etc. totally contained under a lid, I wouldn’t fill them more than 2/3 full depending on the jar size and shape, as naturally it will rise. If you overfill the little half pints, you can’t get the lids on. Good luck and have fun!

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