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So much rainbow outfits & accessories for LGBT Pride Month

So much rainbow pride gear for LGBT Pride Month (that you can Amazon Prime today!)

If you’re in the market for some new LGBT Pride Month gear, outfits, and accessories, ’tis the season. It’s June and we’re pulling out our rainbow wear! Before you say anything, consider sending your money to good places by grabbing merch from organizations like The Trevor Project, ACLU, or tossing an equal amount to your favorite cause.

But if you’re in need of some rainbow Pride right NOW (and want to Amazon Prime it to your house), we’ve got some to check out…

Kid's room decor (that you can totally use on your adult walls!)

The sweetest whimsical nursery decor (that you can totally use on your adult walls!)

Are you ever shopping online for that perfectly saccharine, pastel, animal-themed, or just plain sweet art for your walls and end up in the whimsical nursery decor section? Yeah, yeah, these prints are mostly for kid’s rooms, but who says you can’t rock that pastel unicorn, dapper sloth, and sparkly constellation illo on your own adult walls? YOU DO YOU. And I’m going to do me by snagging that bespectacled tabby who is clearly my patronus.

On to stealing art from the children (or putting it on the kids’ walls, too!)…

Pendleton blankets and goodies for classy rainbow-y style

I just discovered that you can get all sorts of Pendleton goodies on Amazon! I have a bit of an obsession with Pendleton patterns. And our fearless leader, Ariel, has one particular obsession with her very own Pendleton blanket. She recently gushed to me about it…

Colorful seating options in a rainbow of colors!

I love me a neutral colored space, but every now and then my interior design-loving eye balls want COLOR! I found a treasure trove of colorful seating options on Amazon, and I got it into my weirdo little brain to make a rainbow of chairs.

Here’s some ROYGBV for your ass… literally…

The crocheted window treatment of your rainbow daydreams

I mean… the kitchen design alone is cause to squee. But then you throw in that amazing crocheted window treatment, and you have a rainbow-y halo-y light-streaming day dream! Except it’s real. And, assuming you had the crotchet-ing skills, you could probably make one just like it.

Let’s tour this funky LA house with the rainbow fireplace

Surprisingly there is no mention of the RAINBOW FIREPLACE in this real estate listing! If you were to ask me, I’d totally describe this place as “the LA funky house with the rainbow fireplace.” And the outside doesn’t even hold a candle to the amazingness contained within…

Take a peek inside my retro, rainbow, second-hand, mobile home

It used to take me a long time to tell people I lived in a trailer park just because of the stigma but… I love this trailer. I like to think my house looks like someone in the late 1960s was in the middle of updating. Add to that my collection of toys, knick-knacks, and second-hand furniture, and you get my version of paradise.

How an ice storm inspired me to rainbow-ify the exterior of my home

I have been spending a lot of my time working on the inside of my house. [Editor’s note: Remember Sara’s living room, rainbow ceiling, and geeky kitchen light makeover?] But recently I started thinking about what I wanted the OUTSIDE of my home to look like. What do you think I would do if I couldn’t decide on a color? Use them all!