This "grandiose" Palm Springs home hasn't changed since the 1969!

Do not attempt to adjust your screen. This bedroom really does look like this.
Do not attempt to adjust your screen. This bedroom really does look like this.

Are you guys ready for this one? This is a good one. No! A GREAT ONE! This vintage Palm Springs home was built in 1969, and it looks like it was decorated right around that time as well AND THEN NEVER EVER CHANGED. Even though it was sold twice in the '90s. Both buyers did the world a favor, and left this time capsule home un-changed. And I salute them with this new vintage home tour…

From the listing:

So unassuming from the outside!

This is not your everyday home. To own this home is to have your friends want to take photos of them in it. This is THE PERFECT WEEKEND VACATION EXPERIENCE OR AN AMAZING PLACE TO CALL HOME!!

…Featuring iconic, polished terrazzo floors, custom drapes and custom furniture throughout. This is a true masterpiece time capsule. Including a den with custom bar and bar stools, and a warm glowing fireplace for those cool winter nights… and countless details and features to enhance your unforgettable Palm Springs experience whether for a weekend or every weekend.

The location in close to the Ace hotel, hiking, El Paseo, and Coachella events. Take the opportunity to own a piece of Palm Springs history!




Is that an upholstered coffee table? Was that a THING?
Yes, this dining room needed not one, but, TWO chandeliers.
Now this is the best room that has ever existed.
Now this is the best room that has ever existed.
And this TV set-up just slays me.







Did you notice that all the rooms look out onto the pool?
Central fucking pool. Rad.
Central fucking pool. Rad.

But the bestest bestest BESTEST part!??? There's a virtual tour!!!! You can walk through the entire majesty of this home without actually having to drive to Palm Springs. DO IT, and see how far you can get through the house without giggling. Can you beat my record of three fucking seconds?

  1. I got a few minutes in. I lost it a bit at the really modest laundry room that BLINGED THE FUCK UP WITH THAT TOWEL BAR and overly fancy art work and relatively dumpy iron board. I also love how they evidently thought swinging doors were just not it when the house was built. Pocket doors and mirrored alcoves for everyone! I do wish we could see inside of some of the closed doors, though. I want to see what that wallpapered door in the hallway is hiding.

  2. Ok, I took the guided virtual tour and 2/9 cracked me up. It pans out into the hallway and there's that pseudo-Greek statue just peeking out of an alcove, like "hey girl, sup?" And it's looking *directly at the camera*.

  3. I walked myself around that place, got supremely lost, a little sick to my stomach, and I might come back and do it again later! You know what really got me? I was "standing" in the Scarface tub room and I did a 360 and was like "Holy shit, there are TWO shower stalls? That's the best idea … oh, wait, that ones for a toilet … that's still great but not nearly as exciting as his/her shower stalls."
    Thanks for the trip!

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