How to throw a thrilling Michael Jackson birthday party (for kids AND adults)

Guest post by Manda Kar
All photos by Manda Kar

I listen to a lot of ’80s music. For any new listener, Michael Jackson is clearly awesome, so naturally my son took interest at an early age. We had thoroughly engaged in all the music videos including the Thriller behind the scenes documentary while my almost four-year-old and I planned this party together.

I don’t take party planning lightly, and mainstream kids parties just don’t work for his interests. And, as I am about everything, this party had to be entirely immersive — I get a high from this stuff. Plus my son makes THE cutest Smooth Criminal ever, I HAVE to say…

Setting the mood

We had young Michael Jackson playing in one room, old Michael Jackson with videos playing in the next, a hand-made MJ stand up.

Themed food

Our themed food including killer Thriller cupcakes topped with diy zombies, smoothies, pizzas, and popcorn…

The entertainment

For activities we did moonwalk lessons, a make-your-own sequined glove or microphone…

We even a hand-made adult powered rocket ship ride from the Leave Me Alone video — his favorite video. The kids LOVED that. I mean, how many birthday parties have rocket rides?

All ages thoroughly enjoyed this dance party of a kid’s birthday event. I don’t encourage gift giving, I’m an advocate for the thrill of the Experience. I knew that would be enough, and it totally was. (Plus now I have a life-sized Michael forever leaning in my office.)

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