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This “grandiose” Palm Springs home hasn’t changed since the 1969!

This vintage Palm Springs home was built in 1969, and it looks like it was decorated right around that time as well AND THEN NEVER EVER CHANGED. Even though it was sold twice in the ’90s. Both buyers did the world a favor, and left this time capsule home un-changed. And I salute them with this new vintage home tour…

Strange pantry cooking: Creative culinary concoctions from someone else’s kitchen

Cooking in another person’s kitchen awkward and daunting. However, once you get the hang of it, the opportunity for creativity abounds! Vacation rental kitchens are great for this. Random grains or spices left over from a previous tenant? Dried up feta? Strange condiment? All fodder for the most amazing meal (or at least an interesting creative experience).

A slice of paradise: Our small lake-side cabin in Wisconsin

Our cabin is on a very quiet, small lake. We have nearly four acres. We’re big do-it-yourself-ers. We love the outdoors, so this cabin is our weekend getaway.

Have you rented out your place as a vacation home?

My husband and I are considering putting our home on a vacation rental site for a huge summer event in our town. Escaping the crazy and getting paid for it sounds great, but I gotta admit I’m worried about having strangers in my house. Have any other Offbeat Homies rented their home to vacationers?

Living in an off-season rental kicks ass!

I grew up in landlocked Tennessee and never even knew seasonal communities existed. My husband on the other hand, having lived on a few different islands, quickly brought me up to speed: vacation hot spots aren’t so hot when the temperature drops. This means for a little more than half of the year, us folks of modest means can live the high life. Before you go running for the coast though, here are a few things to consider…

My families’ glittery, ocean-y, Maui island shack, fit for a mermaid

Did y’all know that my home-away-from-home is on Maui? My family owns a place there that we jokingly call “The Shack.” It’s the place where we got the hemp lamp, and the carbana. It may not look like much from the outside, but my mother has transformed the inside into a glitter girly mermaid-inspired island oasis. If you like all things shiny and ocean-y you’ll love this home tour.

Also, this begs the question… where are all my island-dwelling Homies? Let’s talk about this very awesome, but sometimes challenging lifestyle.

How I travel for free with the comforts of home

We looked into renting homes when we vacationed, but it was as, or more, expensive than a hotel in most cases. We felt like we were too old for hostels, and camping isn’t a practical option in a lot of locations (New York City and Maine in February, to name a few). After a bit of internet surfing, we discovered, and whoa, it was the perfect fit for us! Free, low-key, and lets us vacation while having the use of a kitchen and a local’s expertise on the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in doing a home exchanges, here’s some info that may come in handy.

Leo D’s renting out his beach house this summer so I need 300 of you to give me $500 each

I was recently told that Leonardo DiCaprio is renting his Malibu beach house this summer for a cool $150,000 a month. Reality aside (because seriously: 150k! A month!), I immediately started thinking of all the things I would do in said beach house.