Can’t spell vasectomy without team: how to give the perfect “snip gift”

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Can't spell vasectomy without team: how to give the perfect "snip gift"
Photo courtesy of our sales manager, Tiff

“Taking one for the team”… “Vasec-Tommy”… “Can’t spell vasectomy without team”

Yep, when there’s no push present because you’ve chosen to be childfree, sometimes you make t-shirts with the slogans above as part of your “snip gift” extravaganza.

Our sales manager chica, Tiff, did just this for her husband and we’ve got the deets on how to make vasectomy day a much better day than it could be otherwise.

Yeah, it’s not a HUGE surgery, but it can still be scary, so making your childfree partner feel good on snip day can make all the difference. Here’s how Tiff described it:

As a “not-push present”/”snip gift,” I gave him an Xbox so his weekend would be really rad and relaxing. I made lots of his favorite snacks and meals. There was a ton of doting. I even kept the pets away from his lap (learned that the hard way!). This was Tiffy’s steps to an easy vasectomy weekend!

Getting a vasectomy is much easier than a tubal ligation, the usual alternative for uterus-havers, but it’s still no picnic. When you get the gift of being able to finally get off birth control, giving an xBox (or whatever they’d like!) is a nice way to celebrate your newfound freedom in the bedroom.

Can't spell vasectomy without team: how to give the perfect "snip gift"
Yeah, you’ll still have your nuts… Nuts card

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  1. I love this! I’m on my second IUD and I know how crappy I feel after those insertions. Can’t imagine what my partner will feel like when he gets a vasectomy, which is up next in our future. I will have to remember to make him feel good. Love the X-Box idea, but I might not love it three months afterwards!! haha

  2. I am disappointed by this article. Usually I find this site to be more feminist and F’ the patriarchy he should be grateful I do what I do, and he should do it too- not a kiss up to your man for doing something nice for you . He still has all his genitals, I didn’t get a shirt or an xbox for pushing my baby out of my vagina and it took me 19 hours of active labor. It took me a whole 4 months postpartum to heal from my stuborn kid who tuned last min tear. So no, my husbands gift is more baby free nookie when we’re done having kids, not an “Snip Present” . Men don’t need any more coddling for a weeks worth of healing.

  3. Oooh I love this! I’m trying to talk hubs into getting it as now that I’m over 30, the thought of being on birth control with the added risks are not appealing, and neither of us want kids. Though I’ll never force him to do something against his will… I’m REALLLLLY hoping I don’t need to get my tubes tied. Maybe the knowledge of a weekend of pampering and PC gaming will make the thought of the big snip more appealing <3

  4. I feel like a really shitty wife for not thinking of doing special things for recovery weekend. Vasectomy Day is something that will be happening, it’s approaching, but depends on insurances, PTO, work schedules, etc. We are hoping it will be within this year though so I better start thinking of some nice things to do for him! Keeping the cat off his lap is probably top priority and not something I would’ve thought of until it happened, so thanks for that one!

  5. I was at a fundraiser auction recently (for a very popular youth-centered non-profit) where one of the items available for bidding was a vasectomy. It was paired with a basket full of goodies including a couple of male-centered action movies, a bag of frozen peas, and a couple of craft beers. It was a surprisingly competitive auction item!

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