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The most expensive home on the the market in LA is this palatial estate for $125 million

The most expensive home on the market in LA is this palatial estate for $125 million

What do you think a home would look like if it was set to be LA’s most expensive home? If you’re imagining 3.25 acres of eco-friendly hilltop property in Beverly Hills with a 18,500 square foot palatial estate with a huge open floor plan, automated doors, a screening room, an 85-foot pool pool, and much more? Then you’d be right…

This “grandiose” Palm Springs home hasn’t changed since the 1969!

This vintage Palm Springs home was built in 1969, and it looks like it was decorated right around that time as well AND THEN NEVER EVER CHANGED. Even though it was sold twice in the ’90s. Both buyers did the world a favor, and left this time capsule home un-changed. And I salute them with this new vintage home tour…

The 1950s kitchen of your titty pink and turquoise dreams!

I found another perfect Mid-Century time capsule home! And the kitchen is to die for. It’s the cat’s pyjamas. It’s the bee’s knees. It’s… well, it’s fucking pink and turquoise and awesome! Let’s tour it shall we…

I’m plotzing over the untouched 1955 period details in this house

Do you know what my three favorite words are when it comes to real estate? “Untouched period details.” Ungggggggg. Fellow lovers of the mid-century modern aesthetic are going to absolutely plotz when they see this 1955 time capsule home that I found in Glendale, California…

Slab City and the Salton Sea: Our trip to a “very offbeat part of California”

We traveled from Washington state to Niland, California, which is about an hour and a half out of Palm Springs. Then we went to Slab City and the Salton Sea. If you want to check out a very offbeat part of California this area is for you…

Check out this 1960 AirStream turned into a house!

Lookie what I just stumbled across… this is a 1960 AirStream that has been completely remodeled into a non-mobile mobile home, and then added on to! It’s for sale right now in Seal Beach, California. Yes, there is even a freaking fireplace. Holy crap, I’m in love with this “house.” Wanna peek inside the 1960 AirStream house with me?

The Financial Aid Dorm: What it’s like living with 6 people in our Futurama-themed, “halfway house for twenty-somethings”

At first glance, my house doesn’t look particularly offbeat. Look a little closer, though, and you’ll notice the comical number of computers hiding here and there. Seven or eight bikes in the garage, corralled by a bike rack made of two-by-fours. Five cars that come and go. The duplicate cookbooks and kitchen utensils, the camping equipment lining the walls in the garage. And, of course, the five bedrooms that are definitely occupied by six adults.

When is saving money more important than living in a great place?

I live in the wonderfully offbeat city of Portland, right in the thick of things. I love where I live, like LOVE LOVE where I live. I can walk anywhere I could possibly need or want, and our apartment is adorably vintage. Problem is, I’m about to have to take a major pay-cut. It seems more financially responsible to move, but it’s good for our souls to live here. All that to say, when is saving more important than living in a great place?