Video game housewares to nerd-up a geek den

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It’s gamer day on Offbeat Home! Let’s nerd out.
Also: we want more submissions about y’alls geeky set-ups and decor — please oh please share your geeky home with us! -Cat

So you’re a gamer. You have your impeccably pimped out gaming cave, but you’re looking for a few subtle ways to show your geek cred elsewhere in your home. Here are a few accessories that help you subtley get your nerd-on throughout your home.

And you can rest your nerdy glasses on a Pac-Man table if you're so inclined.
A Mario Bros. fire flower pillow from Etsy seller Omonomopoeia. LOVE the quaintly textured background!
Très chic vivid Tetris pots.
These babies are elegant enough that their nerdiness could totally fly under the radar.

My little nerd heart is happy to see such cool gamer decor. Homies, give up your links for awesome, sophisticated gamer home accessories, if you please.

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