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Make Tetris chocolate molds using tile

Previously, on Offbeat Bride, I posted instructions for a complicated two-piece chocolate dice mold made using food-safe silicone. This tutorial goes in a completely opposite direction: a super-simple one-piece mold using food-safe plastic that’s vacuum molded to shape, to produce these beauties.

Space Invaders and Tetris on the walls of a pink and green video game apartment

Forthesun has the best landlords ever — they helped turn a new apartment into a gamer-perfect rental. Get your inspo on and dig the bright video game walls.

Video game housewares to nerd-up a geek den

Four gamer-teasing objects for a bar, den or living room you’ll want hard.

Your wall of glass blocks is screaming to become a Tetris homage

A glass black partial wall becomes a eight foot tall video game art piece.