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20 DIY pop culture themes for your baby’s nursery

The folks at Buzzfeed were on to something extra special when they concocted this list of 20 pop culture-themed baby nurseries AND how you could make your own versions — something special indeed! Themes range from Harry Potter to Pokemon to LOST (with polar bears included, of course) — here are few of our faves.

Calling all aspiring flappers, Marios, and baby dragons: let’s talk about what your family is going to be for Halloween

Who wants to do some Halloween window shopping?! Even if you already think you know what your various family members are going as this year (please tell me SOMEONE has a family that’s all going as Harry Potter characters), you might be pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming amount of awesome that’s available out there.

13 random things from ThinkGeek to surprise your favorite geekoid

Does one ever REALLY need a reason to share a whole slew of geeky items — especially when y’all just KNOW ThinkGeek is always serving you pure brilliance, perfectly warmed to exactly the temperature you like?

Use plates for nerdy party decor

Never mind that this is decor for a child’s Mario-themed birthday party. How cool do those hanging yellow plates look?

A Super Mario Brothers-themed birthday party for a six-year-old

I am FREAKING OUT about this Mario-themed birthday party! The crew played games, ate piranha plant pops, and basically had my dream birthday party. Amazing.

Spreading love for the cuddly and kawaii amigurumi

Amigurumi are tiny yarn animals/people/characters/kawaii objects, crocheted for our enjoyment. They’re lovely, warm, and snuggly crafts with a big respect for nerd culture. I’ve never seen the variety of patterns that amigurumi-ers make in any other craft.

Enjoy these nerdcore examples of amigurumi — most have patterns if you click through!

Tiny monuments to geekiness: nerdy terrarium ideas

Offbeat Bride has a post up today that made my heart pitter patter: itty bitty dioramas of nerdy scenes.

Throw this party: A Nerdy Thirty birthday party

About two weeks before my 30th birthday, someone reminded me that my “dirty thirty” was coming up soon. To which Aaron, that guy I married, responded: “With Megan, it’s more like her nerdy thirty.” And thus, a theme was born!

This is how I pulled off one hell of an awesome Nerdy Thirty birthday theme with only two weeks to plan, and with a little help from my friends.