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Geeky slippers for everyone as seen on @offbeatbride #geeky #slippers

Get your foot snuggles on with these nerdy, light-up, and heated slippers

For cold, dreary nights, you need a solid pair o’ slips. And when you can look chic geeky as hell at the same time, even better. Here are 30 of favorite geeky, light-up, and heated slippers to warm your tootsies in classy-ass style. Keep an eye out for 8-bit Nintendo, Star Wars, Doctor Who, dinosaurs, emojis, and Hobbit feet.

This Tetris-inspired home decor will fit perfectly into your life

Alright, last week we talked about home goods inspired by Final Fantasy, which is a video game I know nothing about. This week, let’s talk about home goods inspired by the one and only video game I do play is Tetris. I freaking LOVE me some Tetris.

It’s dangerous to go alone: take one of these coasters!

It’s a given that Link is probably not too concerned with the care of your furniture — but that doesn’t mean you can’t save your coffee table from condensation with handmade Legend of Zelda-themed coasters from Etsy user LimeGreenCoconuts.

Make Tetris chocolate molds using tile

Previously, on Offbeat Bride, I posted instructions for a complicated two-piece chocolate dice mold made using food-safe silicone. This tutorial goes in a completely opposite direction: a super-simple one-piece mold using food-safe plastic that’s vacuum molded to shape, to produce these beauties.

1-up your living space with pixelated home decor

What do sharks, trash cans, coffee tables, and flowers have in common? They all look AWESOME pixelated… and in your home. If you love 8bit art as much as this Homie, then you’ll LOVE some of these pixelated home decor items.

Turn an NES controller into a wallet

If you’ve decided to retire your old original Nintendo, think about re-purposing the controller into an awesome wallet. Instructables has a no-sew tutorial that only takes a screwdriver, pliers, glue, and a long zipper.

Use plates for nerdy party decor

Never mind that this is decor for a child’s Mario-themed birthday party. How cool do those hanging yellow plates look?

Spreading love for the cuddly and kawaii amigurumi

Amigurumi are tiny yarn animals/people/characters/kawaii objects, crocheted for our enjoyment. They’re lovely, warm, and snuggly crafts with a big respect for nerd culture. I’ve never seen the variety of patterns that amigurumi-ers make in any other craft.

Enjoy these nerdcore examples of amigurumi — most have patterns if you click through!