Use your vertical blinds to display letters and photos

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Thanks to etimodnar for uploading this great idea to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Homie Etimodnar is using small clips to display cards and letters on their vertical blinds.

This absolutely makes vertical blinds WAY cooler in my book if you can use them as ways to display art, letters, and photos. OR you can use them as a way to post reminders to yourself. Thank you, convenient window dressings!

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  1. We have these awful vertical blinds on our living room windows. It’s not even a glass door. Just two regular windows with floor length vertical blinds. But now, I might have something to actually do with them!

  2. My grandma wrote me letters every week of every year that I was in college and I’ve been wondering what do with them/how to display them (right now, they’re in a box, but I have them all!). This is a kick-ass idea for those letters!

  3. Hey Kat! Cool project! How do you find the letters hold up when you turn the blinds fully closed – do the edges get tatty?

    Congrats on your new celebrity status! ;-D

  4. I’ve done something similar wit the crappy blinds in my classroom.

    I was once in a school where they had two corkboards on rollers build into the window sills for window treatments. They were great. You could really blackout the room if you needed to, and they gave you lots of extra display space.

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