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How to protect vertical blinds when renting with cats

The rental that we have has vertical blinds on every window and door covering. I’m terrified of them being destroyed by our two seven-month-old kittens. Have you faced this situation, and what did you do about kitten-protecting vertical blinds?

Use your vertical blinds to display letters and photos

Thanks to etimodnar for uploading this great idea to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Homie Etimodnar is using small clips to display cards and letters on their vertical blinds.

Create a bed alcove with vertical blinds

Please allow us to all to bask in this concept from French site It’s so simple I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first: bed alcove + vertical blinds = brilliant studio apartment space-division hack. Since living in Los Angeles a decade ago, I’ve had this grudge against vertical blinds (UG! The way they clack-clack-clack when a breeze comes through the window!), but this makes me reconsider. How else could vertical blinds be used to divide smalls spaces?