I would SO pay $500 a night to stay at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

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Once again, I have gone on virtual vacation via Airbnb and have come back with an amazing find. Last time it was an upside down boat-turned-retreat, this time it’s a stately manor in Nairobi with a resident herd of giraffes!

Giraffes that will also drop in for a visit. OR even more incredibly, dine with you!

I mean, COME ON with that cuteness! See that little girl on the left behind the teapot? That’s the expression I was making the whole time I virtually explored this place.

From the listing:

Travelers from all over the world now make The Giraffe Manor part of their East African safari, the only place in the world where you can enjoy the breathtaking experience of feeding and photographing the giraffe over the breakfast table and at the front door.

Because the rooms are just as impressive as the tall lanky animal friends!

Check out the sitting room with a fireplace big enough to walk into.

I guess this is where you go if you want to eat giraffe-free.

But let’s be honest, it is ALL about the giraffes with this hotel. And, for the first time, I’m totally NOT put off by the $500 a night price tag. Sharing breakfast with a giraffe and answering the front door to find a fucking giraffe or two is one of the ONLY reasons I could imagine myself paying $500 a night for a hotel.

I iz in yer yard, watching you get dressed.

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Comments on I would SO pay $500 a night to stay at the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

  1. If you ever want to go walking with lion cubs and cheetahs, stay at the Tshukudu game reserve. They have both a lodge and a bush camp for those on a budget. Also, may I suggest the tour company Epic Enabled for those trekking to South Africa. They specialize in travel for the disabled, but are pretty awesome for the able-bodied as well.

  2. This place has been on my bucket list since I heard about it a few years ago! I’m glad you found it on airbnb- the official web site doesn’t list prices. TOTALLY worth $500. (And I’m not a rich person.)

  3. WOWza, that would be awesome. I was really excited until I started to realize that if you saw them outside of your 2nd story window out of the corner of your eye, I think I might have Jurassic Park flashbacks and be scared out of my mind. Trying to focus on the awesomeness and not the possibility of unintentional, irrational fear…

  4. I saw this place on a travel show once and fell in love. Giraffe’s sticking their heads through the window at breakfast to say hello-yes please! Thanks for writing about it…I can now add it to my favourites for the time when I, you know, get rich and can afford such an amazing holiday

  5. Oh my… I had no idea you could actually stay in that house! I’ve been to the giraffe reserve to feed the giraffes (that exact same one) on a business trip but noone told us we could have stayed there! Freaking awesome!

  6. I seriously looked into staying here for a vacation but it is out of my budget for the near future. It is definitely on my bucket list! I am so enthralled with giraffes this would really be a dream vacation!

  7. There is a zoo in Colorado Springs where you walk on platforms so you are eye level with giraffes and can feed them. It isn’t the same, but it is still awesome (and affordable).

    • Actually, that’s exactly what they have there. When you go to the AFEW Giraffe Center, there’s a platform from where you get to feed the Giraffes.
      And the house featured here is kind of in the background. I remember looking at it and thinking it was probably some kind of official office building for the Center. It looked like something from Out of Africa (which makes sense since the area where this is located is pretty close to Karen, where the author Karen Blixen lived). Never in a million years did I think you could rent it.

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