A Southern engagement/family session for two moms and their kiddos

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All photos by Famous William Company.

How much do you guys love these photos from Georgia-based Famous William Company?! Here’s what photographer Schellie had to say about Katie and Amanda’s family and engagement session:

Katie told us that she was going to propose to Amanda a few weeks before she booked their engagement and family session with us. She had t-shirts made for the two kids, Orrin and Madeleine, as a way to include them. Orrin wore a shirt that said ‘Mommy, will you…’ and Madeleine wore one that said ‘marry Katie?” ADORABLE.

The family chose to shoot near a lake they call “Turtle Lake” (they recently set a turtle free there). Everyone showed up in matching bow ties and Toms and, according to Schellie, ROCKED their photos.

Katie and Amanda met online, and say they fell in love right away. Now Katie is becoming a mom to these two kiddos, and everyone’s happy with life. WIN!

You can see more from this session right over here!

Comments on A Southern engagement/family session for two moms and their kiddos

  1. I love this, especially the argyle sweaters! Great framing and great location.

    …But I cringed that they set their pet turtle free in the lake, and can’t resist making my plug for wild animal protection. Just in case anyone else reading this is thinking about it, please don’t set your exotic pets free. It can spread illness to wild animals, and if you’re not from the area where the species is found you could be releasing an invasive species that may devastate native ecologies (this family is probably okay on this count; Georgia is home to Red Eared Sliders, the most common pet turtle and one of the biggest invasive species everywhere but the southern US). Where I live, Red Eared Sliders outcompete and eat the eggs of our native Western Pond Turtles, and the Western Pond Turtles are becoming threatened.
    Please keep wild turtles wild by keeping pet turtles pets.

    Now back to the important stuff: SUCH a cute proposal story! I bet the kids loved being part of it… with the added advantage that in case they had fears about how the marriage might affect their lives you have a built in way to talk about it before the proposal!

  2. LOVE this. Also I really want to be friends with this family. Matching argyle? Making the kids part of the engagement?
    It seems that they are in the South, far from me, sadly (though good for the South, I suppose). At least I get to be happy at how sweet this family is.

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