Good things come in pairs: two mamas, two cupcakes, and two babies on the way

Updated Oct 12 2015

Monica is a labor and delivery nurse in Seattle who, as she puts it, "moonlights in photography." I'm pretty sure she's doing a hell of a lot more than moonlighting — if this session is anything to go by, she's ROCKING photography.

This is a 'YAY WE'RE HAVING TWINS!!!' face if I've ever seen one! All photos by Mo hines Photography.

There's two of everything in here: two babies, two moms, two cupcakes, TOO AWESOME.

I honestly have nothing to say other than this makes me smile a whole lot.

You can see the original post at the Mo Hines Photography blog, and get more photo goodness at her site!

  1. Oh. My. God. Those booties! Great photos and congratulations! Those babies are lucky to have beaming-with-pride parents like you. Also, I MUST know where those booties came from.

  2. I love this adorable family and the photography is awesome! Oh, and that book isn't Dr. Seuss… it's P. D. Eastman.

    • I just have to say that while that article was delightful, the video on that same site about testing restaurant patrons' moral views on homosexuality really did me in. The kind note that one guy gave the actors made me cry 🙂

  3. So cute! And thanks for including some awesome non-skinny mamas! It's really hard to find positive pictures of expecting families that aren't super airbrushed. 🙂

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