Nerdy-geeky-cool chandeliers, lamps and light fixtures bring personality to the ceiling

July 27 2011 |

My house has very, very low ceilings. So low that our ceiling fans are uncomfortably close to tall friends' heads. Clearly, these chandeliers are pure fantasy for me. But for you, there may be hope. There've been so many nerdy, weird, crazyface lighting designs popping up in my RSS feed lately I wanted a chance to look them over with you!

My new favorite company Voila! makes a handelier (ugh, puns) -- made of vintage aluminum glove molds. I'll forgive the pun since the chandelier is purty.

Design Milk featured this jester chandelier. It's a second hand fixture, fitted with a tailored leather 'jacket.'
Recyclart ran a piece on this book chandelier. Kick ass! How great for a mod library? It's for saaaaale!
This one is a piece of art -- by Wang Yuyang. It's called Artificial Moon and is made of thousands of compact fluorescent bulbs. Want. Want. Want. Via Today and Tomorrow.
Back to Design Milk for Paula Sevilla's Home Camping. This lamp is part of her series of objects made by readapting camping tools for in-the-home use. Love the all-white flashlights!
This'uns just for nerds! Michael McClane made this Tiffany-meets-Lucas Boba Fett lamp. Hot.

So as you see, when selecting lighting for your offbeat home, you don't have to go all mainstream. There is STUFF out there — interesting stuff made by interesting people and waiting to come live with you.

  1. My hubby and I have one that is a smaller version of the "Artificial Moon". We found it at, of all places… Value City Furniture! We saw it stuck in a corner and the salesman said that it had been there for a while and wasn't selling… we were like yes please!! We just don't know what we will do when the bulbs need to be replaced. It is made out of pretty much a million paperclips with mini lights inside.

    I wish I could attach a picture, but I don't think I can in comments, right?

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