Amazing maternity and family photography from Tricia Davidge

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Like most random and brilliant photography discoveries, I found Tricia’s work while rummaging around the wide Flickr world for kickass maternity and baby photography. I subsequently spent several hours of my life, spread out over a few days, wishing I lived closer to Redding, California, where Tricia is based.

See also: Tricia’s official website and beautiful Flickr stream.

Comments on Amazing maternity and family photography from Tricia Davidge

  1. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! you forgot to add “have badass killer fantastic makeup” as well. this is absolutely stunning!!!!!! and yes, i do want to get pregnant again (workin on it!!!) and then i shall have my belleh painted like a beautiful juicy piece of fruit. LOVE THIS.

  2. Gorgeous! What I am dying to know is–how did she get that ahhhhhmazing bright pink hair while pregnant? I thought you weren’t supposed to dye your hair? Is that still a thing, or is it just an urban myth like the whole back tattoo=no epidural nonsense? If I have been misled and it’s totally safe, that will pretty much make my day, ’cause I’m kind of dreading 10 months with wonky roots!

    • From the research I’ve done, is that basically there’s no research on it. Nobody cares about pregnant hair. *sigh* It seems that there is some kind of risk of the chemicals going into your blood stream which then will get in contact with the baby. *shrug* Mostly, I found recommendations for more natural ways to dye. So, I haven’t bleached my hair in about 9 months now, but I do regularly add Manic Panic (It’s natural and safe, as far as i can tell) blue to it. So I have about 2 inches of dark brown hair, and like 6 inches of blue. I like to pretend nobody notices… ^-^

    • It’s the fumes of the dye that are supposed to be the problem, not the chemicals getting into your blood. Unless you have a huge gash on your head, it’s not getting into your blood (and you probably shouldn’t be dying your hair then either). When I was pregnant I made an offhand comment to my doctor about being sad I was going to have terrible hair for the whole pregnancy.
      He said it was fine to dye it as long as I was in a well ventilated room so that I wasn’t inhaling all those fumes from the dye. So I dyed my hair the whole time, and delivered a perfectly healthy little girl.

    • its ok to dye your hair in a salon wile pregnant just don’t use box ( over the counter color) while pregnant. the stuff you buy in the store has more ammonia and is less regulated than salon quality color . even if it says ammonia free its made from chemicals that are made from ammonia . also ammonia occurs naturally in the world so organic dyes can still call them selves organic because ammonia is natural. try paul mitchell ink works in a salon ,it kicks manic panics ass

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