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How a musician mama-to-be balances performing and growing a kid

Miss Ashlee performs in Awesome Sauce with her fiancé Rod — and the two are expecting their first child soon. She’s continued performing with the band throughout her pregnancy, and she loves it.

Amazing maternity and family photography from Tricia Davidge

Doesn’t this photo make you want to jump back into your pregnancy, paint your belly like a watermelon, and dye your hair pink?

Imagine That! Music for hip parents and children

Billed as “music for hip moms and dads”, Brian’s list is definitely that.

What’s it like being a pregnant drummer on tour?

So sure, there are rockstar moms … but then there are mamas who are quite literally rockstars! Like Trish Naudon here, drummer for a band out of New York City called The NATCH — and also due to become a mama in August. I tracked Trish down to ask her a few questions about how she manages to mix the perfect cocktail of rockstar and mama — and how her fetus likes it when she’s playing the drums!

Maternity glam, straight from Hawaii

Marina of Red Heart Photo submitted an amazing photo to the Offbeat Mama flickr pool, and when I saw it I realized HEY WAIT A MINUTE! I posted photos from this mama’s wedding a few years back.

The Bot’s Room

The illustrious blogger, soon-to-be mama and previously Offbeat Bride-featured Steampunk Bride,  The Pregonaut, did an AMAZING job with her little Bot’s room and was stoked to share it with us. Bask in the pop art glory awesomeness of these new digs! – Offbeat Shrie We’re at 38 weeks and the room is finally complete! Now […]

Who does your Mom sing?

“Who does your Mom sing?” An honest question asked by my 7 year old to a friend at school. The boy looked at him strange and replied, “nobody.” Ryan came home completely amazed. “And…Mom! He doesn’t know who Steven Tyler is. Ozzy Osborne, Dimebag or even Kurt Cobain!” He couldn’t believe it. I laughed and […]

Kids rocking out

Say what you want, some talents are just innate. Like the ability to rock. Hard. Check out these shots from the Offbeat Mama photo pool of kids rockin’ what their parents gave them: Check out that low-slung guitar, whammy bar poised and at the ready. A rock and roll prodigy! It takes some artists years […]