Your Library Week book boner for the day comes from artist Jim Rosenau who makes things into other things.

He makes chairs, bookcases and tables from books as well — mixing covers and other materials in creative ways.

Click on any photo to read more about the books in each piece.

Go to Jim’s site to see more!

Comments on A bookshelf made of books

  1. OMG! I am so LOVING this! I have a HUGE box full of old books that I just can’t part with and NOW I KNOW what to do with them! YAY!

    • Book Bar, the single most amazing thing I’ve seen since sitting here surfing the web all night. I wish I had not recycled all my old textbooks because I cannot think of a more fitting end for Statistical Analysis than to be supporting a pitcher of margharita’s until the end of time. Rock on!

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