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These book purses are actual BOOK bags that will tickle your bibliophile senses

These literary purses are actual BOOK bags for bibliophiles

I stumbled upon these literary purses and instantly wanted ALL OF THEM. Carry around my Harry Potters in a Harry Potter book bag? Hell yes I will. Etsy seller Krukru Studio Books has tons to choose from, too. Think Anna Karenina, the works of Jane Austen, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and so many more.

Harry Potter gifts to compensate for not getting your owl AGAIN this year

It can be challenging to find the right gifts for your family. But if they’re Potterphiles? Then it gets super-duper easy. We may all be Muggles sitting around at our day jobs, but at night, yer a wizard, ‘arry. I’m a what?

Let’s shop for baby mandrakes, Cars Against Potter, Hogwarts travel posters, “Boo, you whorecrux” mugs, and all things Potter….

The best “life-changing” books to give as gifts

My friend Tiffany asked this question to the interwebs:

“What is the best book you ever received as a gift or bought for yourself? Not a beach read, but one of those page turners that changed and/or improved your life.”

And the interwebs responded, and I thought I’d slurp them all up and deliver this comprehensive list of life-changing books to give as gifts. I’ll go first…

Embrace the darkness with Edgar Allan Poe home decor

For those of us that aren’t at home with Martha, the world of decorating can be rather ominous. Especially when your style is more Lisbeth Salander than Carrie Bradshaw. If black is the new black for your decorating tastes, why not go all out with Edgar Allan Poe home decor?

From sci-fi and Russian horror, to Sherlock Holmes fan fic and tear-jerkers: a lady writer reading list

Darlings, as usual, my reading list for 2013 is a study in contradictions. Four Horsemen smut, to Man Booker Nominee. Magnum opi, to video game popular fiction. But as I review my Goodreads list, I see that 2013 was really the year of the ladieeeez.

Reviving my adolescent terrors: the Fear Street books are coming back

I just read that R.L. Stine plans to revive his Fear Street series next year and holy shit you guys: I don’t think I’ve recovered from my first go around with the books back in the day.

An art historian’s eclectic, nerdy, queer, and academic-themed 650 sq ft apartment

My decorating style and clothing style are one and the same: lots of texture, pattern, and color, and a mix of old and new, femme and butch. Plus lots of purple and lots of pink, from my hair to my lipstick! I want my home to feel not just lived-in, but full of items you can’t wait to pick up and find out more about.

Celebrate 42: Throw this Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy birthday party

When I turned 42, since I was going to be the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything for a WHOLE year, I decided to throw a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy shindig. If you’re wondering what snacks to serve at your Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-themed party, here’s your answer…