Libraries: the new go-to destination for maternity photos

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It’s National Library Week, and we’re celebrating on Offbeat Mama!

Photog and mama-to-be Tenley Clark had a pretty sweet idea for week 23 of her on-going maternity series: take it in the library! I think the only way these photos could be any better is if the characters from the books hopped out of the pages and partook in the session.

All photos by Tenley Clark.

“Let’s just be super cute and slightly nerdy right now.”

Kissing in the book shelves! Scandal! You know what that leads to? Oh… wait. I think they do.

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Comments on Libraries: the new go-to destination for maternity photos

  1. I am IN LOVE with her blog now. After reading her “about me” page (which is fantastic) I think we were separated at birth.

  2. Tenley, I love your photography. Do you shoot weddings or are you willing to consider it? I checked your website but could not really see a better way to contact you.

  3. That is one beautiful woman … And I LOVE her fairytale/shadow pictures. What a great concept. Pictures like that make me wish I weren’t doing a themed nursery because I would love to include that Peter Pan one (you know, just to bring it back to the topic of babies :-P)

  4. LOVE these! We did our engagement pictures at the library where I work, so this is totally in keeping with our theme! Can’t wait to maternity pictures in the exact same spot!

  5. Fabulous!

    And totally unrelated, but has anyone else noticed the little Offbeat Empire feed at the bottom that is in Star Wars font? EPIC WIN.

    • Aurora, thanks for noticing! My developer made the little Offbeat Empire icon, admitting that she “had experience with Star Wars graphics,” which made me quite happy. 😛 That little feedbar is going to be going on all three sites next week (we’re testing it on Mama this week before expanding). I’m excited about it!

  6. Thank you so much for all your kind words everybody! I’m glad everyone likes the idea. A big thank you to Offbeat Mama for featuring our little series! =)

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