Hands up: how many Homies have a cadre of Christmas lights boxed up somewhere? Sounds like you have some project ideas to brainstorm this weekend — especially if you’re living in a dorm. These projects SCREAM “battling bland.”


THIS IS THE BEST. This is happening, somewhere in my house, this weekend.


Source: flickr.com via Tara on Pinterest

I like the lit-up tree version, too.


Source: Uploaded by user via Susan on Pinterest

You could draw a big raincloud and embellish it with a few strings.


Source: etsy.com via Beth on Pinterest

Or design a felt pattern and make a customizable set of lights that’s evergreen AND seasonal!


If you made a few strings of these bottle-lantern lights (using floral tape to attach bottles and fortify the string) your patio or balcony would have a lovely glow.


And for garden parties this summer: use a couple strings of lights and some garden stakes to build a backyard light labyrinth.

Finding examples of ways to use holiday lights got my mind making lists. How about you?

Comments on 6 ways to use strings of twinkle lights all year long

  1. Hubs just put the ones from our wedding back up under the patio! It was perfect weather last night for enjoying them and sitting out there!
    Maybe we’ll have to try these when we bring them in for the winter!

  2. The first one reminds me of a quote from a movie:

    “Why did you let an architect write ‘cuisine’ on the kitchen wall? It’s silly—I know it’s the kitchen.”

    I literally laughed outloud with glee here in my office. I am gonna do this, hardcore!

  3. We really only have icky florescent lights in our house. During the day, our giant windows let in tons of light, but at night, it’s not so nice. For a new years eve party, we just strung a string up around the perimeter of the living room and kitchen. It was so awesome we left it up year round. It’s enough light to mostly see by (not quite enough to comfortably read by, but enough with one small other light.), and a really nice quality of light.

  4. Both my parents and my in-laws have some as patio lights. They are perfect for sitting outside on nice nights. We also had some at our last apartment in the arch separating the entry-way from the living room. We used them like a night light so we wouldn’t trip over shoes when coming home late at night.

    One thing I recommend though, is using the newer LED lights instead of the older incandescent kind. The older ones use a lot of electricity and can overheat easily, especially if you use a lot of them. The LEDs don’t have that problem.

  5. I wear a set of twinkling garland lights when I walk to work in the dark at 5:30am. I slip the battery pack in my pocket, wrap the garland around my waist and tuck the end into my knit cap. Cost me $4, much cheaper than the safety lights I’ve seen at sporting and bike stores for 30 bucks. I’m very easy to spot; everyone honks at the crazy person twinkling like a Christmas tree.

      • oh if the parents at school didn’t think our family strange enough – wait until we’re all walking home from an evening activity covered in twinkle lights !
        AMAZING idea – especially in our small village where the council took the street lights out as they were too expensive o.O

  6. My first tiny apartment had a galley kitchen with no undercabinet lighting, and I was always in my own light while I cooked. One year it finally occurred to me to tack a strand of lights to the underside of the cabinets. My weird little one-wall kitchen suddenly looked charming!

  7. oh my goodness…
    my hubby just *installed* a hammock mammoth in the backyard…and he bought the cutest little solar lights…talk about a fun way to keep using those lights. I love it. 🙂 I should use some of these ideas in my house. I have enough shelving around i could pull somthing off. 🙂 yay.

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