How to craft pinwheel flowers that make your walls pop

Guest post by Sandy Ervin

Offbeat Bride readers may know Sandy as Robot In Bloom, but now she’s got a tutorial for how to make your own wall blooms.


These fun pinwheel flowers are super easy, really cute, and totally versatile! They’re a bit like those new vinyl wall decals, but much more affordable — and in 3D!

To make your own pinwheel flowers:

  • First find some rad papers you’d like to display in your offbeat home. You can find endless colors and patterns online and at any craft or scrapbook store. I like working with cardstock because it’s more sturdy, but regular scrapbook paper is great too.
  • Procure floral wire, a set of pliers with a wire cutter, and find some cool buttons.
  • Next, decide how big you’d like your flowers to be. I like to make a variety of sizes for visual interest, but you can just keep it to one size if you’d like.

Once you’ve chosen your diameter(s), go ahead and freestyle a petal shape… It’s really not as scary as it sounds! It should look a bit like a barbell — wider at the ends and narrower in the middle. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to make sure it’s pretty symmetrical. You can round the ends or make them into points — use your imagination!

Once you have your petal shape, cut it out and use it as a template for your other petals. Trace and cut out at least five petal shapes per flower. You can totally cut more petals, but I wouldn’t recommend any less than five per flower.

Take floral wire and pierce the center of each petal shape. I like to do this on a soft surface (I use a folded washcloth) because it makes it easier and safer to stab through. You wouldn’t want to scratch your tabletops or interrupt your crafting to rush to the hospital for a tetanus shot, would you? Me neither.


Next, take a piece of floral wire and fold it in half. Place each end through the holes of a button and pinch the ends together with the pliers. Take your paper petals and thread them onto the wire through the holes you pierced earlier.


Once you have all five (or more) petal shapes on the floral wire, fan them out so that they create a full circle of petals and form a flower. Turn the flower over and spread the ends of the floral out (like a brad or a fastener on a business envelope) to keep the petals secure against the button.

After you’ve completed all your flowers, go ahead and attach them to the wall with your preferred method of stickiness. Since I’m in an apartment, I use those removable adhesive things and they work great!


You can change up your paper flowers as the mood strikes you — or you can change them with the holidays. It’s all up to you!

Comments on How to craft pinwheel flowers that make your walls pop

  1. I love this tutorial. My husband and I are apartment dwellers and are always looking for non-permanent ways to decorate our walls without getting into the painting-without-landlord’s-permission hate spiral. I will definitely have to try this out. Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  2. Awesome! I just got my Papersource catalog in today and was looking at similar flowers in it, and wishing I knew how to make them. Talk about timing!

  3. Ooo I can’t wait to try this! I’ve been looking for interesting ways to brighten up the walls. And I couldn’t help but notice the awesome frog buddha:)

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