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Learn how to make this super easy DIY canvas light art

Learn how to make this super easy DIY canvas light art

Have you seen those decor canvases that have LED light patterns in them? We’ve seen them in stores, of course, but also in DIY tutorials for constellation patterns and nature scenes. This tutorial to make your own version requires only a few tools to create rad, personalized wall decor with the same LED-lit concept. All you need is some blank canvas, acrylic paint, LED lights, and some inspiration.

Great idea: Fix a broken light fixture with fairy magic!

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this amazing lighting hack… “I love thrift store finds! Antique chandelier that wasn’t working, which I was fine with. Just add fairy lights.”

Create instant mood lighting with a cake dome

Cake dome + LED string lights = easy mood lighting!

Then our sister site, Offbeat Bride, took it another step further with pickle jars and dinosaurs. Check these out…

How I repurposed my wedding veil at home

Did you see my incredibly simple, $14, no-sew DIY veil on Offbeat Bride? This is how I repurposed the fabric for our daughter’s room…

Make a last-minute Christmas tree with string lights

Need a little last-minute Christmas cheer? Take some inspiration from Homie Tiffany Steinke, who uploaded her “impromptu Christmas tree” to our Flickr pool, make a tree out of a string of lights!

Recycle your wedding decor into holiday decorations

Remember this awesome widely-circulated Pinterest image? I loved it and we made some similar lights for our wedding in our color, lime green. Now it’s the holidays, and we celebrate Christmas. I was sad at the thought of taking apart our beautiful light strands to turn back into icicle lights (plus, it sounded like a lot of work), so I decided since they were green I’d use them for our holiday lights anyhow!

Three-panel, dandelion wall art that lights up!

I love this idea from Jessie Frazier, who uploaded her three-panal light-up DIY dandelion art project to our Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Check out how she created this luminous artwork in just four steps!

Use your wedding lights as balcony decor

After her wedding, AndiLani put her wedding twinkle lights, grapevine balls, and lit-up pumpkins to good by using them outdoors.