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Fierce Halloween home goods to get seriously spoopy

Killer Halloween home decor finds to get seriously spooky

When I saw this illusion ghost pillow, I knew my current Halloween decor had no chill. It’s upgrade time, y’all. I’m talking vintage Halloween goods, channeling horror movies, creepy cute prints, and wall decals you’ll have to pry from my cold, dead hands. Those are going up year-round!

Halloween’s-a-coming, so let’s go see what killer Halloween home decor we can add to our earlier-each-year decorating repertoire…

Use frames and vinyl decals together to create awesome wall art

Remember the “Texas redneck hippie” home tour a couple weeks ago? I know you saw their adorable pup, and the Halloween Christmas tree, but did you noticed Kaci and Dustin’s great idea for change-able wall art?

How can I make my long and dark front entrance feel welcoming?

I need some help making my front entrance feel more inviting. My front door opens up into this narrow hallway that’s nearly 20 feet long and only 3’7″ across. I’d love to make my entrance feel bright and more welcoming, but I’ve been struggling to find a good way.

Before and after bathroom: Orange octopus-style

Ever since I talked about how octopodes make great towel holders, I’ve been wanting to see more tentacles in your bathrooms. Well, Homie Sara came through by uploading photos of her awesome octopus-themed bathroom makeover to our Flickr pool.

Cthulhus like to wind down, too: tentacle wall decal for your tub

This tentacle wall decal from StickerBrand makes a good argument for sharing your bathtub with cephalopods and their ilk. Available in an amazing range of colours, these bothria can attack any bathroom decor.

De-beigeifying our rental kitchen with no-damage DIY and lots of color

Just because your lease commands that your place remain “rental beige” doesn’t mean that you can’t make your home colorful, useful, and glittery. Yeah, I said glittery! Check out one Homie’s de-beigeifying work-arounds.

Ephemeral walls: No-damage decor to make your walls less boring

Living in a dorm room, renting with rules against nails and paint, or just a plain old small, boxy, white walled living spaces? What is a person to do in such boring living spaces (and with very little money to decorate)? Well. I welcome you now to Pinterest — land of wishful thinking and endless creative ideas. Here’s a plethora of inspiration to get you thinking, including Post-It Note decorating, the wonder of fabric, and things you might not have thought to do with your photographs.

How to create vinyl wall graphics with a twist of psychedelia

Wall graphics are super popular, but the selection of designs can be limited or expensive. That said, they’re easy to make. Ready to see how?