What are your tea storage tricks to avoid the tea package avalanche?

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How do you store your tea
Do you suffer from tea avalanche syndrome!?
Greetings Homies, I need your help. I love tea. Bagged, loose, iced, and hot, but my cabinet looks like this. What a mess! And it topples everywhere anytime I need my fix.


How do you store your tea in a fun and practical way that isn’t a hodge podge of boxes, bags, and allergy meds? -Kerby

The tea-storage trick I use is to keep all my well-labeled tea bags in a tupperware storage jars, kind of like these. They’re clear, so you can see what tea is in which jar, and they won’t fall on your face when you open the cabinet. That said, here are a few more ideas from Offbeat Homies…

Put them in a drawer!

I just use a drawer 🙂 no avalanches when they’re laid out horizontally instead of vertically!

Tea-box with a clear glass front

I use a tea box with a clear glass front and 6 separate tea bag sized compartments inside. I have a few bags of each type of tea in each section, sometimes doubled up if needed, we do drink a LOT of teas! It’s small and light and fits in my tea/coffee cupboard (stood up on its side) and the bonus is it’s great for offering tea to guests.

These are very popular in The Netherlands where if you ask for tea you get handed a cup of boiling water, the box of mixed tea bags to choose from and a spoon and little dish for the used bag. If the bags are not individually wrapped I just pop them in as is and cut out a bit of card from the box with the name on and slip that in too, never had a problem yet about mingling of flavors but we do get through them fast at my place! Basically this sort of thing.

The overflow (you can’t fit a whole box of teabags in compartment) goes in a basket in the larder but I take the bags out of the box first to get rid of bulk. If they are not individually wrapped they tend to come in a foil packet inside the box and I usually just tape this back up after I’ve replenished the tea box, writing the name on the side in permanent marker. It takes much less space to store a few taped up foil packets and some individually wrapped bags than the same number of awkward boxes with two or three tea bags in…..

Mason jars

Depending on how long it takes you to go through your boxes, it can really change the answer.Teas will migrate smell, and therefor taste, over time if you keep them together.

Depending on how sensitive your sense of smell it, you’ll notice it from a month or two to longer when it happens.If you have loads and loads of tea, something like a mason jar — seals airtight and you can put the box’s label in for easy ID — will be your best bet.

Otherwise, or if you’re not as particular, you can really use whatever jars or containers you’d like. If you’d rather not spend the money, you could get a tension shelf and divide your cabinet in half, if you have the space, and lay the boxes on the side.

You could even do something like that with a lazy susan in a cabinet, or even on a counter, depending on your set up.


I use those little magnetic containers, that many use for spices, for my loose leaf and keep them on my fridge. Then stick my bagged ones in labeled ziplocks and put them in a couple pretty canisters (World Market and actually Kroger grocer have cute ones). Since I’m still somewhat of a tea newbie, sometimes I’ll cut out the instructions from the box and stick it in the canister as well.

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  1. Ah, this thread is so relevant to my life! I have a smallish box with a close-fitting lid that I use to keep lumpy packets of loose tea and leftover bags in; that fits nicely into the grid of boxes and tins containing my other bagged/loose teas. I’ve had tea shelves and tea drawers in the past, and recently switched over to keeping all the teas in their own wicker basket. I like this solution because it allows guests to look them all over easily (less overwhelming than me rattling off a dozen or so varieties.)

  2. I have an entire corner of my kitchen dedicated to tea. The setup is thusly: All bagged teas go in a drawer. The boxes are tetrised in with the tops cut off for easiest tea access. Loose tea goes in tins on the counter (mostly, this is the chai we drink daily) and there are two big airtight glass canisters for regular and decaf coffee. The two drawers below the tea drawer hold backup tea and coffee for when something in the main stock runs out.

  3. We have the “tea shrine” We have the boxed teas in a nice readable stack, with the round tea tins lined up next to them, and the loose leave teas are on the top in pretty jars and tins. And the random tea bags are in a tea tin that for some reason my toddler keeps stealing to stand on and dance.

  4. I solved this for my mother-in-law by using wooden clementine boxes and labeling them according to tea type: “black” “green” and “herbal”. They are the right size and depth to fit a good number of tea boxes in. Then you can just slide one out and pick your tea flavor.

  5. I have one of those three-tiered hanging wire basket things I want to decorate with bottlecaps before I hang up to hold my boxes of tea.

  6. My husband and I are super into tea, we were having a hard time keeping track of all that we had. We went to our local tea shop to stock up and I got inspiration from the ‘tea wall’. So we ran down to ikea and bought some little shelves, I think they’re called picture shelves, they’re really skinny. Perfect for tea tins. Now we have our own tea wall!

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