How do I make K-Cup storage look cool?

Guest post by SB
k-cupsLike many other workplaces across the country, the Keurig obsession has hit our office — they have these nifty little containers for making coffee, tea, or just about any other hot drink you can imagine, and saves lots of time. But how on earth do you display them in a non-boring way?

We keep a pretty large quantity on hand at our office and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on fun ways to make K-cup towers or office decorations that incorporated putting K-cups in them that would make our coffee room more entertaining and organized at the same time.

So what you got, all you K-cup-drinking, office-working Homies?

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  1. A friend of mine now makes copper(looking?) wire into names by bending it. So perhaps you could use that technique and bend some wire into a circle of little hoops. The K-cups would go into the hoops. Then, make hoop-circles of different sizes. String them together and hang as a K-cup mobile!

  2. You could always get a standard storage solution like this one from Amazon and decoupage it.

    There are LOTS of kinda standard looking premade and inexpensive storage solutions, so if your only concern is making it look nice, decoupage is inexpensive, easy, and super personalized.

  3. My only advice is, whatever you decide to do, do the same thing to the recycle bin to make it attractive for the K Cup users!

        • Where we are, they will take them to recycle so long as we remove the grounds first. So I have a stack of them at any point waiting to be de-grounded

      • In my husband’s office, a giant box gets filled with K Cups and then shipped off or picked up. It’s either by the Keurig company or somebody they outsourced to take the cups.

      • I’m using them for seedlings. I left the coffee/tea grounds in them and put a lil starter soil in. the hole in the bottom helps them drain. I mist them and let em grow! Will have to see if tea or coffee produces better plants and if it effects the taste

  4. Im interested in what others have been doing! Mine are on top of my fridge and in a drawer in my counter… boring

    • I bought one of these suckers for one of my old offices when the boss got a keurig for Christmas! It was a little futzy, since the sink to rinse it out in was down a flight of stairs and across a warehouse, but I loved not having a waste bin of dead cups staring at me AND not having to fight my coworkers for any specific coffee.

    • We have two, theoretically one for my mother-in-law’s coffee and one for my husband’s Earl Grey addiction. One is red, the other is black. You’d think this would be a foolproof system, but she just grabs whatever is closest.

  5. I wouldn’t say it’s cool, but we got a couple different glass jars with lids (from Target). We’ve got one for decaf, one for flavored, one for non-coffee, and one for regular. You’ve still got to dig a little if there’s a brand you’re loyal to, but the ‘cookie jar’ approach works for our home/office.

  6. Side question, since I know there’s a lot of vegans on OBH.

    My officemates have been talking about getting one of these using some of our shared budget. I’ve resisted because I don’t drink coffee and I don’t drink dairy so it seems like I’d be excluded. I haven’t seen any soy/almond/nondairy-based or tea-based drinks in my cursory looks online – is there anything yummy and noncoffee/nondairy that you guys are drinking with these things?

    • Not a vegan, but they do have a bunch of tea drinks, I don’t know if this is along the lines of what you meant:

      Not that anything about the Keurig is really economical, but the K cups especially are at least twice the cost of tea bags, and arguably less convenient, considering personal tastes in strength, etc 😛

      Sunny mentioned above about the reusable filters. Officially they’re for coffee, but theoretically they can probably be experimented with to try other drinks?

      • The only problem is that the filters are only available for personal sized keurig machines. Most offices have the larger ones, so the reusable filter isn’t available.

        • I’m not sure that’s true. If by “filter” you mean the refillable mesh-ish cups you can put your own stuff in, they come in the same size as k-cups which seem to be usable in any machine. I have one of the bigger keurigs at home and our reusable cups fit it fine.

      • I really dislike the tea k-cups except Sleepy Time and the iced tea. All the rest are too strong for me. The iced teas are fabulous though. You just need to make sure there is a supply of ice. There is also hot apple cider so that could be an option. But in general, unless you like your tea very strong, you are better steeping your tea normally.

      • Yeah it seems ridiculous to use one of these K cups for tea when I could just use…you know…a TEABAG.

      • I actually use the Keurig the most, and I don’t drink coffee. I just use it for hot water for my tea. Faster/hotter than the microwave (especially when it’s already on).

    • Usually if I want tea out of my keurig I just run it without a kcup and brew my own tea. Also they do have yummy apple cider that’s worth trying=).

    • I use our Keurig just to make hot water for my tea. In my experience, when you use the Keurig to BREW tea, you have to use twice as much tea (usually two bags in one of these ) because you don’t have any time for the tea to steep. So, if you have a tea you like already, just use the machine for hot water!! I do it every day and it works great!!

  7. We have one of the carousels and then the boxes are stacked on top of cabinets, etc. If I had additional space, I would totally make a Dalek. But we have limited space so the carousel is the most space-saving option we have at the moment (and it was a gift so it didn’t cost us anything).

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