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Three secrets from an obsessive tea organizer

My spouse and I have pretty much a ridiculous amount of tea. We are Tea People: at our wedding, instead of a signature cocktail, we had a signature tea blend. I’m also an obsessive tea organizer — what’s the point of having all those teas if they’re a jumbled mess?

5 more bizarre AF tea infusers

We at the Offbeat Empire have had a long-standing obsession with tea infusers, from the clever to the cute. But seriously, tea infusers? Now you are just getting ridiculous.

Just look at these loose leaf tea infusers that we found on Amazon, and try not to laugh your ass off…

What are your tea storage tricks to avoid the tea package avalanche?

Greetings Homies, I need your help. I love tea. Bagged, loose, iced and got but my cabinet looks like this. What a mess! And it topples everywhere anytime I need my fix. How do you store your tea in a fun and practical way that isn’t a hodge lodge of boxes, bags and allergy meds?

How to enjoy a perfectly mixed hot beverage without using a stirrer

As a former barista, little strikes me as more wasteful than the gigantic piles of coffee straws, stir sticks, and spoons that reliably accompany every warm beverage display. Many coffee and tea drinkers don’t realize that by simply rearranging the order in which one mixes a drink, it’s possible to never need a stirrer and still enjoy a perfectly mixed cup o’ whatever. It’s all in the swirl!

19 awesome electric kettles that you’ll never want to put away

I was gifted an awesome electric kettle from my British friends with a note that said, “So you can make a proper cup of tea. Step away from the microwave!”

And I love it! It’s not only great at making water hot, but it also looks great. So here’s my roundup of electric kettles that’ll not only help you make tea, but will also help make you happy when you see ’em in your kitchen…

The coolest loose leaf tea infusers in existence

I never thought I’d see the day, but it turns out I was in need of a loose leaf tea infuser. I eventually went with the Star Wars Death Star tea infuser. But I had to share all my awesome shopping finds, because I discovered a treasure trove of fun tea infusers. From shark fins (duh) to a “tea Rex,” these little guys will brighten your mornings before you even get your first sip of caffeine.

So you want to get into loose leaf tea, but don’t know where to start…

My hubby and I started drinking tea a few winters ago while trying to cut down on sugar and pop, and it’s been a huge hit in the house ever since. Unfortunately it did take some trial and error to figure out the best ways to buy and brew a variety of loose leaf teas. That is what I’d like to share, the basics of getting into loose leaf tea without breaking the bank or winding up with a bunch of tea you hate (I swear I didn’t just throw out three tins of two-year-old tea that had only a couple of cups used…)

Is this the cutest tea thinger I’ve seen today?

We all know I’m very serious about my tea (so serious that I have a special caffeine altar set up in my kitchen), but even I can’t resist the totally silly cuteness of this adorable rocket ship tea infuser. Brewing highly caffeinated awesomeness, lift-off in 3, 2, 1…