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25 offbeat Valentine gift ideas for a sweet, sexy, & smoldering Valentine’s Day

If you celebrate the silliness of Valentine’s Day, this roundup of offbeat Valentine gift ideas is for you. And if you don’t, I totally get it. But it doesn’t have to be all about partners and love and junk. It can be about friendship, self love, and lots of, ahem, playtime, too. Here are 25 Valentine’s Day gifts that are sincere, goofy, spiritual, glam, and maybe totally for you or your partner(s).

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To my (unhappily) single friends on Valentine's Day

To my (unhappily) single friends on Valentine’s Day

To my unhappily single friends on Valentine’s Day (happily single friends, you won’t need this one!): I love you. I wish I could look you in the eyes and tell you, without a doubt, that someday the void you feel today will be filled in exactly the way you want it to be. That if you just stop looking for a partner, one will find you. Bliss will be forever yours. I know we both wish the future was as predictable and happy-ending filled as a movie.

I think perhaps this May, on Mother’s Day, I will feel the same way you do today. Last Mother’s Day I was blissfully looking forward to becoming a mother; a month later I lost that pregnancy.

How to throw a rad AF Galentine’s Day brunch for all your (single and taken) pals

Galentine’s Day is coming soon! No, not the holiday for the couples, the wondrous holiday born from Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. The FUN one, okay? The one that celebrates all of your friends, gals and otherwise. Coupled or single or N/A. Celebrating the beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn babies. You beautiful tropical fish. You beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk oxen. And of course, you poetic noble land mermaids.

If you’re wanting to celebrate all of your pals at a Galentine’s Day brunch, this is how I would do it…

Loaded cookie pie as seen on @offbeathome #valentinesday #cookiepie

These sweet treat Valentine’s Day recipes will steal your heart

Ready to buy into the cliche of Valentine’s Day like I am? I can’t help it — pink hearts, chocolate, LOVE… I just dig it, mostly for the aesthetic alone. Whether you’ll be celebrating with a partner or maybe Galentine’s Day on the 13th (hell yeah!), I’ve got three recipes that’ll hit the sweet spot in your heart.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts and specials from Offbeat Bride!

Over on our sister site Offbeat Bride, a bunch of our sponsors got together to offer up special goodies and special deals for your someone special this Valentine’s Day. Head over to Offbeat Bride to see what fun Valentine’s Day gifts you can wrangle up for yourself or your sweetie!

Show your love with red velvet chocolate chip cream cheese cookies

This recipe for red velvet chocolate chip cream cheese cookies is easy. Unlike sugar cookies, there is no need to worry about how much chocolate chip cookies spread out. They’re also chewy, soft, rich, and delicious like sandwiched cheesecake, but it is not too sweet.