Add some love to your home with heartsy-fartsy home decor

Here's the deal: I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I do love to tell people that I love them. So what better way to "celebrate" Valentine's Day then by sharing some of my favorite offbeat, heart-shaped home goods with the readers I love so much. I found things for all my wonderful Homies — tattooed shower curtains, adorable pillows, cooking utensils, pint glasses, geeky lunch boxes, science-y art prints, cross stitch-themed bedding, goth throw pillows.


Make your own Conversation Hearts

What do you want your little rainbow of hearts to say? Do you wish they were flavored differently, or spelled out secret messages? Do you want more vibrant colors? Now, Homies, is your chance — because we've got the skinny on how to make your very own.


Get over hating Valentine's Day, and start culture jamming

The day that everyone loves to hate is coming right up! Oh, Valentine's Day. It's not just the single people who hate Valentine's Day ("the holiday designed to make me feel lonely") — it's the people with sweethearts, too ("the holiday designed to force me into contrived expressions of romance").

Well, I have one thing to say about Valentine's Day: STOP WHINING.