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heart themed home decorHi, Homies. Here’s the deal: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I do love to tell people that I love them. So what better way to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day than by sharing some of my favorite offbeat, heart-shaped home goods with the readers I love so much? I found virtual gifts for all my wonderful Homies — bad-ass shower curtains, adorable pillows, cooking utensils, pint glasses, geeky lunch boxes, science-y art prints, cross stitch-themed bedding, and goth throw pillows.

I want to make out with all of you today, but I can’t. So let’s virtually make out with sexy shower curtains, tea towels, and the rest of these sweet home goods…

Anatomical Heart Tea Towel -- $15
Anatomical Heart Tea Towel — $15
Companion Cube Tin Lunch Box -- $15
Companion Cube Tin Lunch Box — $15
For my cross stitching bitches — the “cross stitch my heart” pillow case set!
I'm a fan of the Le Creuset heart shaped casserole dish.
I’m a fan of the Le Creuset heart shaped casserole dish.
Pixel Heart Morphing Mug -- $8.70
Pixel Heart Morphing Mug — $8.70
Feline Cozy Pillow -- on sale for $35
Feline Cozy Pillow — on sale for $35
Two anatomical heart pint glasses -- $36
Two anatomical heart pint glasses — $36
Sweetheart Filled Cake Pans -- $13
Sweetheart Filled Cake Pans — $17.99
Bamboo heart-shaped spoon that says “made with love.” Awwwww — $7
Tattooed Hearts Shower Curtain -- $18.64
Tattooed Hearts Shower Curtain — $18.64
Birdhouse with 2 whistle Sparrow Key Ring Holder -- $9
Birdhouse with 2 whistle Sparrow Key Ring Holder — $9
Heart Measuring Spoons, Set of 4
Heart Measuring Spoons — set of four for $6
Print of the anatomical drawing of hearts and blood vessels by Leonardo Da Vinci -- $73
Print of the anatomical drawing of hearts and blood vessels by Leonardo Da Vinci — $73
Purple Skull with Heart Eyepatch throw pillow -- $39
Purple Skull with Heart Eyepatch throw pillow — $39

Happy Valentine’s Day, Homies. We love you and all your little offbeat homes and lives.

Comments on Add some love to your home with heartsy-fartsy home decor

  1. I love that this is what qualifies as heartsy-fartsy for y’all: anatomical hearts, video game references, skulls, and tattoo designs. I need that Da Vinci print in my LIFE. Hell, anything in this post would be more than welcome in my apartment.

    I wish there was a way for me to indulge my great great love of Valentines Day puns in this post, but alas, most of them don’t translate without pictures. Let’s just say, Happy Valentines Day to my favorite website!

  2. Aww, we love you too, Megan!

    I’m also in the not-really-into-Valentine’s-Day camp, although I like telling people I love them, and I like hearts the rest of the year… There’s just something about V-Day that I’m not a big fan of. Maybe it just seems to be more about infatuation than other kinds of love. That might be it…

  3. My boyfriend gave me the best box of chocolates ever. It’s your usual heart shape, but it says Star Wars on it and has Darth Vader on it, and if you press a button the Star Wars words flash red. When he gave me that, I felt bad for not getting him anything.

  4. Also not into Valentine’s for myself, but I love, love, LOVE anything with hearts. That cake is twisting my melon, I can’t see the join… *stares some more*.

  5. Does anyone else think the bamboo spoon looks like cardiac and more, um, phallic? I just see balls and a shaft is all I’m saying. Am I alone in this boat? hello? hello?

    Love the Da Vinci tea towel of the anatomical heart.

      • I immediately thought “butt.” Which then made me wonder if there was a correlation between this weird shape that for some reason is called a heart and butts.

        How did that shape end up representing hearts?

        • I thought “tits”, probably because that exact shape is what I see whenever I look downwards. I reckon everything just looks like everything else.

          I was told that the heart shape was some kind of Scandinavian rune for love, but that sounds like balls to me. I’ve seen a bit of Viking grafitti in my time and it was altogether more angular. I could have googled in the time it took to write that. But I want to hold whoever gave me that information accountable in a tiny and futile way, so I’ll leave it.

          • On the grounds that it was giong to irritate me if I didn’t check, I Wikipeed it and Computer says “1400s mainland Europe” for the symbol/love connection and that the history of the three-way association of anatomical heart/heart symbol/love is still all just theories, so no joy.

            I did find this neat factoid though: “Inverted heart symbols have been used in heraldry as stylized testicles (coglioni in Italian) as in the canting arms of the Colleoni family of Milan”. Because who wouldn’t want a nutsack on their coat of arms?

          • Ha!
            “The story of how the ♥, the heart, and love came together is a romantic tale. Indeed, beyond Courtly Love and Sacred Hearts, the palaces of princes and the cells of nuns, pagan notions persisted in folk culture of what love was, and of what the ♥ meant. […It] was a symbol of fertility and coition. It evoked breasts, buttocks and genitalia, and when they came across its likeness their minds turned to sex. In Shakespearean England, for instance, the plackett—a heart shaped apron for women with a pocket for the hands below the waist was also the slang name for a vagina..”

            (And: thank you for the Valentine day present – the Iain Gately article tickles my brain)

    • I didn’t see the phallic imagery, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that spoon was definitely “spanking tool.” Think of all the cute little heart-shaped marks it would leave!

  6. I should probably just go ahead an buy that cake pan, right? You can totally make that effect without a special pan, but golly that pan would make things so. much. easier.
    And eeee I just noticed that the little birds in the keyholder can be used as whistles! Buying a house so I can use this brb.

  7. This comment trail just makes me love this site so much harder than I already do. Ariel and Megan, will you make me the happiest quad polyamorous wife ever? (Disclaimer: I have not yet cleared this with my husband, but he doesn’t have a choice at this point).

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