Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t suck (and one that does)

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When I was in high school my boyfriend sent my cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts to my classroom in the middle the middle of class. He saw it as a Big Romantic Gesture, but I was MORTIFIED. And even worse, it was something useless and wasteful like heart-shaped balloons. And ever since then, I break out in hives if I receive anything heart-shaped, especially if it was mass-produced for Valentine’s Day.

So here are some Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t heart-shaped, but ARE from the heart…

Ditch the Valentine’s Day card for a handwritten book

10 Things I Love About You mini rainbow book

Don’t you dare buy an off-the-rack card from the drug store. Instead create a personalized card. Use something like this mini “10 Things I Love About You” rainbow book, and fill it with your real words.

Have more fun with your sweet treats

Ditch the readily-available (and potentially emotionally scarring for nerdy high schoolers) boxed chocolates and search for something that says “I really really know what you like.” A good place to find uncommon goodies is World Market — they have candies and yummies from all over the world, along with things like this:

I love popcorn. I love snickers. I love THIS COMBO! And I’d love it if you surprised me with this.
This is just so much more thoughtful than a generic box of chocolates.
This Kracie Popin Cookin Ramen DIY Candy Kit might just get you a marriage proposal.
Star Wars The Mandalorian Pop Ups Lollipops for your geeky lover!

And if that’s not enough here are some…

Useful Valentine’s Day gifts for your home/relationship

Not only does this thing adjust, but it massages you too!

I love the idea of buying a new mattress for Valentine’s Day. What’s more romantic than being cozy (and sexy) with your partner? Check out this post to see what mattress would be perfect for your relationship.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute vacuum

Screw balloons and candy hearts, I want something that really sucks! Nothing gets me more excited than this Dyson vacuum. I’m not even kidding, it’ll change your life.

Organic Cotton Weighted Knit Blanket

An organic weighted blanket is the perfect gift for someone who is an anxious indoor cat. Just pick their favorite color, and you got yourself a loving Valentine.

Hygge Games

Family games are a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for those of us with kiddos or multi-generational households. And I love all of these Hygge Games.

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is during Black History Month, so…

Use your Valentine’s Day gift as an excuse to support Black creators like these:

Home goods from GOODEE
Clothes and accessories from CROSS COLOURS
Wellness drinks and accessories from PEAK & VALLEY
Kitchen and cookware from OUR PLACE
Lingerie from CURVY COUTURE

Those are MY suggestions for useful, wonderful, thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts. What would YOU add to this roundup?

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