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9 geometric coffee tables to perfectly align your life

If you’re wanting to geek out over more geometric tables, then check these out, and click on the ones you want to know more about…

The beating heart and layers of history: Why I love my dining table

Our dining room table is a beast of a thing. Seven feet by five. Six sturdy planks of unidentified tropical hardwood, some of which are starting to separate so far that I can fit a whole hand down the resulting gap. The top is covered in scars, scrapes and gashes — each one a story. It holds secrets, this table — layers and layers of history.

How can I gussy up my kitchen table?

This is my kitchen table. It was given to my husband by his parents when he bought his first bachelor’s pad (now our family home), and it is a good one that performs all of its table-related duties. I am grateful for it, especially considering it is the only one we have. But sometimes I wish it was more … special. Besides a tablecloth, what are some ways I could gussy up this table and make it more uniquely ours?

Harness the magic of the unicorn to… hold your table lamp?

If you’re in need of an accent table look no further than the most amazing accent table that ever existed — or in this case never existed — the unicorn accent table!

Awesome-looking, space-saving tables for small space hosting

My husband and I recently downsized to a pretty amazing 875-square-foot apartment, and because of that we sold a lot of our furniture (including the kitchen table). So with the holidays coming up, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for awesome-looking, space-saving tables that could easily be folded up once the guests are gone?

Easy DIY coffee table from wine crates

Remember when I introduced you to using wine crates as shelves? Well here’s my even-more-favorite way to re-use wine crates: as a freaking coffee table! The best part about a wine crate coffee table…

Awesome coffee tables made from two large wooden blocks

Using leftover wood block samples from my office and custom hairpin legs from Etsy I made these two small tables, which together are my new coffee table. Here’s how the DIY project went down…

How to make an outdoor side table from a plate and a planter

You saw her awesome mustache-themed bathroom and loved it. Now check out how Homie Metal Maggie made a pair of outdoor side tables with just a couple of $2 plates and old plant holders.